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  1. Published on: 30/07/2007 05:01 PMReported by: onthespot
    BBC Film Formby’s Fossilized Footprints

    The BBC have been filming on Formby Beach today (Monday 30th July2007). This is the first episode of an eight part series about Coastal erosionon on Formby Beach which has revealed the sub-fossil footprints of humans dating back 5,000 years.

    Professor Matthew Bennett who is a geologist at Bourmouth University talked with BBC Presenter, Hermione Cockburn (Earth Scientist PHD) about the findings. The back drop for the TV interview was inside Dragons Health Club, Southport.

    Professor Matthew Bennett and BBC Presenter, Hermione Cockburn

    Over the years Professor Matthew Bennett has been working closely with Sefton Coast Volunteer Ranger, Gordon Roberts who has discovered animal, bird and human footprints in Holocene sediments at Formby Point.

    The BBC4 & BBC2 series will hit the TV screen next summer 2008.

    Anyone wishing to report having seen such phenomena elsewhere or who has any queries about the "Formby Footprints" is invited to contact Gordon Roberts at the e-mail address:

    For more information about the fossils please click the Coastal Heritage website link below

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    Local news where you can have your say! News is also fed here from other media via RSS feeds. Please also send in your news, email

  2. Local news where you can have your say! News is also fed here from other media via RSS feeds. Please also send in your news, email

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  3. tonyB says:03/08/2007 04:32 PM
    Back in 2003 I spotted these tracks in the mud at Formby beach and assumed they were hoof prints. Or is it my vivid imagination ?.

    Worth a look when you are on the beach. If you spot the dark mud that is where to look.

    2nd pic. is a closeup

  4. Hammer says:03/08/2007 04:44 PM
    We are doing ok at this neck of the woods. Last night on BBC1 Ainsdale Beach was on the TV along with Lord Street :)

    I'll keep my eyes open for these footprints :gasp

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