The fully-independent, socially-conscious comparison website urges First Utility customers to use their simple suite of tools to find a better rate, avoid overpaying and make the switch before they lose up to £105.60 a year. “There’s no reason not to”, says founder, Chris Richards.

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United Kingdom – As if living wasn’t expensive enough, up to 900,000 First Utility customers recently found out their bills will be increasing by a staggering 9.7%. It’s one of the largest and most shocking single increases the industry has ever seen but, according to social entrepreneur Chris Richards, can easily be avoided.

Richards is something of a maverick in the UK business community; a socially-conscious entrepreneur who made his name through the launch of a council tax mediation service. In 2014, building on the relationships he fostered, Richards launched It’s the UK’s first 100% independent utility comparison website, with a bold social and moral mandate.

Richards makes the call as First Utility struggle to keep up with a 22% rise in regulatory and wholesale costs, sparking what has become a PR disaster for the company by admitting that a portion of these costs will need to be passed along to consumers.

“The bottom line is that First Utility have likely been monitoring price increases for many years and, rather than be seen to gradually increase rates year-on-year, have waited until now to announce and clean up after a naturally-condemned single, shocking rate increase,” explains Richards. “We want consumers to know that they don’t have to put up with this – that there’s other options out there for them with fairer, more responsible pricing models.”

Continuing, “Our website is a one-stop, free-to-use portal they can use to shop rates across all major utility providers, access a suite of other tools and resources, and ultimately put their hard-earned cash to better use. In short, we are openly calling on all First Utility customers to visit us without delay, compare prices and switch before it’s too late.”
Time is rapidly running out for affected customers. They, and anyone else looking to save on utilities and insurance products, should visit the Utility Saving Expert website as soon as possible: