Has anyone noticed the small number of scrambler bikes which are now racing in and around the town centre?

QLocals Roger Blaxall managed to get this not so great photo of two of them as he was stopped in traffic near the library on Thursday afternoon; minutes earlier a youngster in a white helmet had raced up Burscough St. at around 60 mph and last night two lads rode noisily along Moor St at over 40mph; hopefully theyll have been clocked on the town centre CCTV.

Blaxall saw just two police on duty in Ormskirk last night one in a Hyundai patrol car and another in a Transit van. Antics like this have flourished in Liverpool but we dont want Ormskirk to suffer too, for obvious reasons.

A bike riding manager from Wetherspoons who pulled up at the side of one of them after hed nearly had an accident to tell him to chill out got a predictable response...

He told me to %^$ off and rode away through a red light, she said.

One of the youngsters evidently parks his bike on the Wheatsheaf Walk car park.