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    Sticky Thread UNOFFICIAL Southport.GB lottery syndicate LOTTO theantiquesman 12/02/2011 (Last 09/10/2017 09:32 PM Go to last post)

  1. If you make alligations,
    Started by whiplash 13/11/2017

    Are you an alligator? Sorry heard this at work and thought it was so funny.

    • 2
    18/11/2017 02:19 PM
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  2. FOOTBALL, BANTER as we like it. and THE GAP
    Started by theantiquesman 12/08/2017

    1 Arsenal 1 1 3 20 Leicester 1 -1 0 What a start to the season Arsenal 4 Leicester 3 The experts all 20 of them according to the News Papers put Man C, Chelsea in the top 2 Man U and Arsenal in the top 4 with only a couple of theses so called experts including Spurs...

    • 159
    18/11/2017 01:56 PM
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  3. Boris Johnson, lovable clown, absolute fool or complete imbecile
    Started by Little Londoner 10/11/2017

    Considering many Tory voters think he is a viable option to lead the nasty party what is he?? As far as I am concerned he is just another idiot that has conned the gullible and if he EVER becomes the leader of the Tory Party then thank god they are history.

    • 54
    18/11/2017 01:15 PM
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  4. Word Association
    Started by clyde bank 27/05/2010

    I thought it might be fun to have a bit of a game. I fancied word association. I'll give a word and the next person adds a word they associate with the one I've given and each person adds another word they asociate with the last So my word is Book :)

    18/11/2017 01:12 PM
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  5. The three word game ..
    Started by SeloChovek 14/07/2010

    Not a new invention, but something which might amuse as a development of the hugely popular Word Association thread .. YOU MUST ONLY use THREE words including the fillers - eg: in, on, at, us, and, but etc. Let's see where the story goes ... but beware, if it gets too rude (and it might) the...

    18/11/2017 01:11 PM
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  6. The FIVE Word Game
    Started by lad1234 17/09/2013

    :dlike the 3 word game:d but you get to use 5 words So I will start it was a rainy day

    18/11/2017 01:10 PM
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  7. The A to Z Game
    Started by Home-Slice 18/01/2017

    Like the old animal, Vegetable, Mineral game each alternate poster, posts on topic beginning with the next letter in the Alphabet. Once we are at Z the next poster can choose a new subject. So here goes CARS A - Audi

    18/11/2017 01:04 PM
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  8. Merkel in trouble?
    Started by Hamble 17/11/2017

    As The Washington Post's Anthony Faiola reports from Berlin this week, Angela Merkel is in trouble. m/news/worldviews/wp/2016/02/0 4/think-merkel-isnt-in-trouble -look-at-these-charts/?utm_ter m=.ee36b7bc1089

    • 7
    18/11/2017 10:54 AM
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  9. Famous Brand slogans from the past
    Started by jonnybgood 16/11/2017

    Who remembers the slogans used for famous brands ? Here are a few examples,slogan,and the manufacturer. How many can you still remember from the past ? :d:d:d A Mars a day,helps you work,rest,and play.......................... ....Mars UK. A finger of fudge is just enough,to give your kids a...

    • 20
    18/11/2017 10:40 AM
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  10. If it was your job
    Started by said 14/11/2017

    If it was your job to do so, how would you improve the town of Southport? What would you like to see changed, what would you keep and what would you like to see rid of? Personally, I would like to see the beach improved and more features added similar to St. Annes. I would like to see that ugly...

    • 21
    18/11/2017 10:34 AM
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  11. Conundrum 2
    Started by said 07/11/2017

    1. How do you write 20th December 2013 in five letters without using numbers? 2. What is the answer 2 + 2 x 2 - 2 + 2 = ? 3. If 1 = 5 2 = 25 3= 325 4 = 4325 5 = ? 3. A butchers assistant is 6ft.2 and takes a size 12 shoe? What does he weigh?

    • 23
    17/11/2017 11:51 PM
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  12. Corbyn's Hypocrisy.
    Started by Hamble 13/11/2017

    Jeremy Corbyn says on the front page of the Observer that Boris is “shaming our nation” over Iran. Is this a wind up? Let’s take a look at Jezza’s record on Iran: •Accepted £20,000 for appearing on the Iranian state TV channel Press TV, even after the channel had filmed and broadcast a torture...

    • 34
    17/11/2017 10:27 PM
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  13. Office clearance
    Started by myrtle 17/11/2017

    Does anybody know of someone who will clear an office of filing cabinets and props., which are mostly textile samples and dispose of them. Thanks.

    • 5
    17/11/2017 09:50 PM
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  14. Virgin Trains Strike Christmas
    Started by donegal 17/11/2017 /news/liverpool-news/virgin-tr ains-staff-massive-vote-139110 15

    • 5
    17/11/2017 09:37 PM
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  15. Black Friday 24th November.
    Started by whiplash 15/11/2017

    What a load of tosh. Bargains what bargains?

    • 10
    17/11/2017 08:44 PM
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  16. Happy Birthday Pedoja
    Started by Styx 12/11/2017

    Well,the time has come around again for me to wish you a Happy Birthday Happy Birthday D! :):):)

    • 10
    17/11/2017 05:20 PM
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  17. Last chance
    Started by sconney 17/11/2017

    LAST CHANCE! Tomorrow Night - Bargain Blooze Raw On The Floor - New Fleetwood, Banks Guys if you havent had the opportunity to experience the Bargain Blooze Rock and Blues show in 2017 you still have a final opportunity tomorrow night when the Bargain Blooze Bad Boys (dontcha just love...

    • 0
    17/11/2017 12:00 PM
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  18. Gas Bill
    Started by said 17/11/2017

    Have you been overcharged on your gas bill? It would appear that some Gas suppliers have not converted some charges over when the meter was changed from imperial to metric standards. It is estimated that gas suppliers have overcharged customers by approximately £1.7 billion. Check your gas...

    • 0
    17/11/2017 12:40 AM
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  19. Lets have a bit of fun.
    Started by Alikado 27/08/2012

    A guy goes to the doctor suffering from inexplicable but excruciating headaches. "Do you smoke?" says the doctor. "No." "Do you drink alcohol?" "No."

    • 285
    16/11/2017 01:47 PM
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  20. E ba gum Mugabe under house arrest.
    Started by Little Londoner 15/11/2017

    No doubt his house is not a bedsit, probably enough rooms to have a regular change of scenery. Perhaps the people may get legitimate elections in the future but I won't hold my breath.

    • 2
    16/11/2017 11:18 AM
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  21. The EU Army.
    Started by Hamble 14/11/2017

    Glad the UK will be out of this. It is enough stress watching The Eurovision Song Contest Voting loyalty's in battle. Quote .23 EU countries, including Germany and France, have agreed to integrate their defense forces. The pact will be made legally binding when it is signed in December. ...

    • 13
    16/11/2017 11:04 AM
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  22. Christmas GTG
    Started by grassroots 15/10/2017

    We had one last year very enjoyable . Any one interested?:D

    • 31
    15/11/2017 11:25 PM
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  23. UK Hotel Chain
    Started by said 24/10/2017

    For the fifth year running one UK Hotel chain has been rated the worst in the UK. Surely it is in their best interests to ensure that they provide high standards if they are to maintain profits - they still have to pay for staff and overheads? Or since this chain has purchased some of the prime...

    • 17
    15/11/2017 01:44 PM
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  24. Boozy MPs
    Started by Squeeezebox 13/11/2017

    The current fiasco concerning some MPs appalling behaviour seems to flag up alcohol as a prime factor in many cases. I was surprised to read that some of our honourable members have been barely able to stand whilst being ushered through the voting lobbies. Coming from a 'normal' job I would have...

    • 7
    15/11/2017 11:42 AM
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  25. Am i a girl or am i a boy?
    Started by whiplash 13/11/2017

    At the age of 6??????? I really blame the parents. I will submit this but feel it will be removed.

    • 16
    14/11/2017 11:18 PM
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  26. Sound advice from Brendan Chilton.
    Started by Styx 13/11/2017

    Regretfully, Labour Leave believe Britain must now make its priority preparing for a ‘no deal’ outcome: reverting to standard global trade, under WTO rules. Our proposal is the following: take the £60-100 billion that the EU wishes to extract from us and pay it to ourselves instead – to...

    • 12
    14/11/2017 10:11 PM
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  27. Overnight car parking near Preston Station
    Started by onthetoon 14/11/2017

    Has anyone used overnight car parking near to Preston Station and if so whereabouts and would you recommend it? I have tried to book car parking at the station because the last time we travelled we couldn't get on the car park and nearly missed our train. However, there is a problem with the online...

    • 3
    14/11/2017 09:30 PM
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  28. Hoover recommendations
    Started by mumstheword 13/11/2017

    Just had a new carpet fitted a very deep pile one and my Hoover will not glide over it. I have tried with the brush without the brush but the suction is so strong on the carpet it just won't move. Can anyone recommend a Hoover for a deep pile carpet?

    • 1
    13/11/2017 09:46 PM
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  29. Moving back to Southport any recommendations for any active social events clubs pleas
    Started by Bellaboo14 07/11/2017

    After a very long absence from Southport I will be moving back to Birkdale back to my roots as they say,sadly I will be on my own after my husbands death two years ago and would like to make some friends. I am getting on now 60 to be precise 😀And got some good feedback when I started the thread on...

    • 10
    13/11/2017 07:35 PM
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  30. eating out
    Started by pentax 12/11/2017

    has anyone had a meal at the old juke pub i have a birthday to celebrate and just wondered what the place is like also do they do a carvery like there sister pub

    • 5
    13/11/2017 04:13 PM
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  31. How will parents explain?
    Started by Hamble 11/11/2017

    Amazon Prime delivers the children's Christmas presents.:eek:

    • 7
    13/11/2017 12:14 PM
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  32. Lovely trip out
    Started by said 11/11/2017

    Just got back from visiting Argleton, lovely, peaceful town though not much to see.

    • 6
    12/11/2017 11:55 PM
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  33. Should British Rail be Publicly owned
    Started by said 10/11/2017

    British Rail had been running at a loss for many years. During John Major's term in office, various train services were tendered out to franchises, with the idea of improving services to the public, reducing union interference and keeping fares low?? The idea was that the franchises would compete...

    • 18
    12/11/2017 05:26 PM
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  34. This coming Saturday... Live in Banks
    Started by sconney 12/11/2017

    RAW ON THE FLOOR - BARGAIN BLOOZE LIVE IN BANKS Forget live and unplugged... try Live and unleashed! Guys on the 18th Nov The Bargain Blooze boys head on over the West Lancs County Line to deliver their Rock and Blues show to the good people of Banks at The New Fleetwood. This tremendous...

    • 0
    12/11/2017 03:07 PM
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  35. Remembrance.
    Started by grassroots 11/11/2017

    At the going down of the sun and in the morning ." We Will Remember Them ".

    • 3
    11/11/2017 11:26 PM
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  36. CD's (sort of vintage)
    Started by pedoja 10/11/2017

    Is there a market for "vintage CD's" ?

    • 7
    11/11/2017 09:42 PM
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