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  1. Travellers on the Kew Park n Ride,written notices given,but thrown away.
    Started by jonnybgood 18/06/2018

    I found this letter from the council this evening while walking my dog,found at the back of HomeBargains in the gutter.This will be about as much notice that these travellers will take from the notices issued to them..

    • 10
    19/06/2018 07:25 PM
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  2. The A to Z Game
    Started by Home-Slice 18/01/2017

    Like the old animal, Vegetable, Mineral game each alternate poster, posts on topic beginning with the next letter in the Alphabet. Once we are at Z the next poster can choose a new subject. So here goes CARS A - Audi

    19/06/2018 07:06 PM
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  3. Word Association
    Started by clyde bank 27/05/2010

    I thought it might be fun to have a bit of a game. I fancied word association. I'll give a word and the next person adds a word they associate with the one I've given and each person adds another word they asociate with the last So my word is Book :)

    19/06/2018 06:58 PM
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  4. Weed killer
    Started by pegleg 19/06/2018

    what is the strongest I can get for between my flags Any advice Thanks :)

    • 5
    19/06/2018 05:23 PM
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  5. Has Merkel Destroyed Europe?
    Started by Hamble 12/06/2018

    Twitter melt down after Owen Jones released his latest piece of leftie wisdom. Quote "Angela MerkelÂ’s government bears chief responsibility for plunging Europe into catastrophic austerity which has ruined living standards, caused mass unemployment, decimated public services, and fuelled the...

    • 35
    19/06/2018 04:38 PM
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  6. Affordable Housing Development Farce
    Started by said 12/06/2018

    I could not fathom out why suddenly so many people needed a new house. We were first informed that there was insufficient houses available to house the immigrants. Not that immigrants have got that sort of money anyway, and what was wrong with the 1.5 million houses for sale in the UK already?...

    • 22
    19/06/2018 04:28 PM
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  7. Let's Get Topical...
    Started by Polly Trott 10/06/2018

    OK you lot - Free Tommy Robinson - yes or no? What do you think?

    • 33
    19/06/2018 01:39 PM
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  8. When was the first time
    Started by said 19/06/2018

    When was the first time you ever broke the law? Everyone has done so at one time or another, mainly when they were younger - do you look back on it now? Would you still have done the same thing? Were you ever caught?

    • 1
    19/06/2018 12:24 PM
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  9. Home Office Furniture
    Started by Anon 14/06/2018

    Hi, Does anyone know if there's anywhere in Southport that sells Home Office Furniture please? Thanks,

    • 9
    19/06/2018 09:42 AM
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  10. The World Cup 2018
    Started by grassroots 07/06/2018

    :england:england:england:engla nd:england:england:england:eng landHere we GO boys & girls . Firstly will England win thier Group.? And if they do how far will they progress in the tournament .:england:england:england

    • 36
    19/06/2018 08:34 AM
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  11. I want to complain to the Council
    Started by susanb 04/06/2018

    I want to complain to the council. On the phone I was told to e-mail my complaint. There are 10 pages with at least 5 department on each and they don't cover what I want to complain about. Where do I go???????

    • 12
    18/06/2018 09:26 PM
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  12. Arise Sir Kenny .
    Started by grassroots 09/06/2018

    Kenny has been Knighted in the Queens Birthday Honours List , many congratulations to him , long over due .

    • 27
    18/06/2018 07:58 PM
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  13. Council tax
    Started by susanb 15/06/2018

    Do empty businesses. Shops, garages, public houses, large commercial buildings pay Council Tax? I am a landlord, so run a business. If a house is empty for more than a month I have to pay full Council Tax. I see many shops, commercial buildings empty for years. Just look at Lord Street. ...

    • 2
    18/06/2018 02:04 PM
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  14. Birkdale Secondary Modern School ( Windy Harbour School)
    Started by LaurieDryver10 08/06/2018

    Just trying to find if anyone remembers some of the teachers and pupils from 1961 to 1965? Just some teachers to start things off with Mrs. Parkinson, Mr. Bertwell, Mr. Williams, headmaster Mr. Robinson, Miss Cunningham, Mr Foster, Mr. Shepherd, Mr. Postlethwaite, Mr. Walton, Mr. Roberts, Mr....

    • 14
    18/06/2018 12:19 AM
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  15. A mutter on the pier
    Started by TownieChap 06/06/2018

    ''Southport is truly unique, an English sea side town like no other.'' This is a recent muttering I overheard by a long-haired gentlemen who was extremely tall, but yet had such incredibly obvious small feet, as I walked along one of my most favourite spots in the world. Southport Pier. The...

    • 6
    17/06/2018 11:07 PM
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  16. A small glass of wine is 125ml
    Started by ausard2 17/06/2018

    Is there not supposed to a price list in all bars regarding prices. If I ask for a small wine , a few places deliver a 175 ml.

    • 0
    17/06/2018 07:33 PM
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  17. Isopropyl Alcohol/Isopropanol
    Started by Ceam 16/06/2018

    Does anyone know where I can buy high grade Isopropyl Alcohol/Isopropanol locally? It's for cleaning glass build plates on a 3d printer.

    • 8
    17/06/2018 03:35 PM
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  18. FOOTBALL, BANTER as we like it. and THE GAP
    Started by theantiquesman 12/08/2017

    1 Arsenal 1 1 3 20 Leicester 1 -1 0 What a start to the season Arsenal 4 Leicester 3 The experts all 20 of them according to the News Papers put Man C, Chelsea in the top 2 Man U and Arsenal in the top 4 with only a couple of theses so called experts including Spurs...

    • 859
    17/06/2018 09:10 AM
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  19. United Utilities.
    Started by grassroots 14/06/2018

    Great service , I reported a drainage problem yesterday, U/U arrived this morning they identified that the problem was a blockage in the main drain in the road , and sorted it . Well done guys .

    • 7
    16/06/2018 08:05 PM
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  20. Lightbulb Famous Sons, Daughters, and Adopted Children Of Southport
    Started by flyp 01/11/2001

    Steve: Since you have temporarily (I hope) abandoned the idea of a new Past Spot, how about a new spot with information on the many famous people who were born, brought up , live, or lived in Southport. We have had occasional threads listing these, but I think the number and variety of notable...

    • 90
    16/06/2018 03:33 PM
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  21. The 5 word challenge.
    Started by TownieChap 10/06/2018

    The 5 word challenge. Now here is a little game to amuse and stimulate the minds of our my fellow forum'ees. An honest and considered answer is what is needed to play this keyboard critical pass time. So, engage brain and fingers down. It's time to play The 5 Word Challenge! Players must...

    • 2
    16/06/2018 12:07 PM
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  22. What would you like to see done
    Started by said 13/06/2018

    Yet again, the town is about to be besieged by travellers. Every time that more people come into town, crime rates increase - whether it is a matter of dumping litter, fighting in public among themselves or other criminal activity. The travellers create no go areas in public places, sports...

    • 9
    16/06/2018 11:46 AM
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  23. Free Powertex craft demonstration in Preston.
    Started by slothy 15/06/2018

    There's a free Powertex demonstration in Preston tomorrow, Saturday,10am-4pm. The demonstrator is Jo Channon, who is sometimes on Hochanda craft television programme, and her husband. Powertex is a liquid hardener that sticks to anything except plastic. (I think.) Jo and Mark make sculptures,...

    • 0
    15/06/2018 11:17 PM
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  24. Poundworld Administration
    Started by toffee man 11/06/2018

    Looks like the High St in Southport are going to gain another empty shop as Poundworld are heading for administration. It's all rather grim.

    • 24
    15/06/2018 09:29 PM
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  25. Flagger
    Started by grassroots 12/06/2018

    I need a patio uplifting and relaying anyone know a flagger.

    • 9
    15/06/2018 06:02 PM
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  26. Bbc northwest tonight.
    Started by grassroots 21/05/2018

    The above programme is mis titled , it should be called BBC MANCHESTER TONIGHT , every evening you may get a snippet of news in the northwest other than that it's all Manchester . For weeks now we've had a build up to the anniversary of the bombing of the Manchester arena , now I sympathise with...

    • 38
    15/06/2018 11:03 AM
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  27. The Alan Burgess memorial singles @ The Zetland Hotel
    Started by pedoja 15/06/2018

    THE ALAN BURGESS MEMORIAL SINGLES @ THE ZETLAND HOTEL Open to all bowlers from Southport Clubs & Leagues. £3 entry fee & all entry fees paid out in prize money. The Shield & £200 donated by the Burgess Family Qualifying rounds 7pm start on Sundays 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th of July Final 16...

    • 0
    15/06/2018 10:10 AM
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  28. Merseyside Police convoy this morning through Liverpool [video]
    Started by madnorm 14/06/2018

    On my way to work this morning and couldn't believe how many Police vehicles I saw going the other way. Caught it on my dash-cam and I've uploaded the video below. Sound is messed up as I'd accidentally muted the camera, but the sirens were all blazing. The Liverpool Echo is reporting that it...

    • 2
    15/06/2018 07:56 AM
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  29. Champagne less than £6 a bottle!
    Started by Alikado 13/06/2018

    https://www.manchestereveningn news/iceland-selling-bottles-c hampagne-fiver-14772326 Can it be any good, is any of it any good?

    • 3
    14/06/2018 09:09 PM
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  30. Southport
    Started by Normal 13/06/2018

    Hello I new to the forum, and 20 months ago relocated to Southport although lived I here as a child. I read about the local area all the time, and I am very surprised with the disparaging comments about the area that read on here, and also comments posted to local news stories. Southport is a...

    • 16
    14/06/2018 12:56 PM
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  31. Anyone lost a hen?
    Started by pinkpink 11/06/2018

    There is a hen loose on my parents' communal lawn in Birkdale - if the owner pm's me with a description I will let them know their address. Pink

    • 5
    13/06/2018 09:53 PM
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  32. Paint recycling
    Started by RobinC 12/06/2018

    I am having a clearout today and have several half tins of household paint, gloss and emulsion. Is there anywhere in Southport where I can take them for either reuse or recycling?

    • 5
    13/06/2018 01:10 PM
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  33. Trump and Kim
    Started by Lamparilla 12/06/2018

    Rumour has it that the documents they exchanged contained details of their respective hairdressers :)

    • 9
    13/06/2018 06:33 AM
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  34. Furniture delivery
    Started by Moi 12/06/2018

    Hi can anybody collect 9 pieces of rattan furniture from scarisbrick drop off in Southport? Or does any body know if a man with a van? I posted this a couple of days ago but have had no replies. I really would appreciate some help. Thanks

    • 2
    12/06/2018 10:05 PM
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  35. ASDA Parking Ticket
    Started by Coastal99 11/06/2018

    I got a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) from Sefton Council parking wardens who monitor the ASDA car park last week as my parking ticket had flipped over on the dashboard and he couldn't read it. £50 fine or £25 if payable within 14 days. Tried an appeal with proof of payment etc which came to...

    • 16
    12/06/2018 08:38 PM
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  36. Phone Techy Help Needed
    Started by Ric 12/06/2018

    In short I have left my current network provider and moved my number to a new phone and network. I wish to sell my old phone Samsung Galaxy J3 and have restored it to factory setting but it keeps asking for the Google account it was previously synced too ?? Obviously I can't sell it like this, any...

    • 5
    12/06/2018 06:02 PM
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