Damien Moore has visited the Ainsdale Discovery Centre in Southport to view the latest progress and receive an update on the Gems in the Dunes project.

The project, which is part of the national HLF funded Back from the Brink programme aims to carry out habitat management works on the sand dunes to benefit some of the rarest species on the coast and raise awareness of these species through public engagement.

On his visit, Damien was also invited to become a species champion for the Natterjack Toad, joining some 40 MP’s in raising awareness of endangered species in the UK.

Speaking to Qlocal, Damien said: I think it’s great that we can really start to see the work which has been going on at the Discovery Centre, plus the huge difference the Back from the Brink funding will have had on local conservationism.”

“I’m more than happy to play my role in supporting this project and to raise awareness of the Ainsdale Discovery Centre and their work. The Natterjack Toad will be well championed.”

For more information on the Gems in the Dunes Project or Ainsdale Discovery Centre, please click here .