Damien Moore MP met with Blue Cross representatives, Becky and Anna, to discuss the treatment and welfare of animals in the UK, following several emails from concerned constituents.

Blue Cross aims to help sick, injured, and homeless pets and cares for more than 40,000 every year, a figure the charity expects to rise exponentially by 2020.

Damien met with the charities representatives to discuss illegal puppy breeding and bad-practice amongst registered animal traders and their concerns for animal welfare in Southport.

Additionally, Damien and the charity discussed at length proposals for the introduction of a standardised approach to licensing fees and the penalties for animal abuse and neglect, which are viewed as too lenient.

In 2017, it is reported that three individuals in the Southport area are potentially and unlawfully breeding puppies under poor conditions, a figure not previously recognised.

Commenting on the reported abuse of pets in Southport, Damien said:

I find the reported abuse of animals in my constituency deeply concerning. Ive requested further information and clarity on this issue from the licensing department at Sefton Council to see what assistance I may provide still further to alleviate this problem.

Im also very supportive of the Blue Cross and their aim to strengthen the penalties for those who abuse animals and will do what I can to see this become a reality.