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  1. Published on: 20/01/2012 06:10 PMReported by: onthespot

    Southport Paedophile David John Price jailed for seven years and eight months

    Paedophile David John Price has become the first UK national to be extradited from China following a marathon investigation that brought him to justice.

    The 69-year-old fled the country while on bail and travelled on a false passport to Asia - where he began teaching English to "middle school" children.

    He was handed over by the Chinese to two police officers who led a six-year operation that stretched from the US to Africa and finally to their quarry in the rural Hubei province.

    Southport Paedophile David John Price

    The hunt for "dangerous" Price began in the USA in May 2003 when an undercover police officer posing as a sex offender began a dialogue with him over the internet.

    The Midlands-born construction worker offered to arrange a paedophile "sex-tourism" trip to the United Arab Emirates for the detective from Colorado.

    With Price acting as a link for international child abusers to travel to countries and abuse foreign children, Merseyside Police executed a warrant after a tip-off from Colorado.

    Sick Price, who was married and has grown-up children, was living in Portland Street, Southport, when officers raided his home on 11th September 2003.

    He was arrested as he sat at one of his four computers, which were seized and examined by hi-tech forensic teams who found more than 800 indecent images of children. All of the victims were aged 13 or under and many showed Price abusing them. Almost 60 images were graded as level five - "the highest level of severity at the time".

    This was his second arrest and the serial sex offender was facing a long jail sentence.

    He had been jailed for four years at Liverpool Crown Court in 1990 for an offence of gross indecency involving a young girl.

    Pending trial Price was granted conditional bail in October 2003 but ordered to live in a hostel in Staffordshire until his next court appearance. But not long into his stay he fled and bail hostel staff notified Merseyside Police.

    BBC North West Tonight news reporter, Andy Gill, was in Southport covering the story in Southport (Jan 19th 2012)

    Their inquiries uncovered Price had been given a fake passport from a friend in Southampton and escaped the country via Manchester to India.

    Det Insp Steve Jones and Det Sgt Mark Ashworth are the only two active Merseyside Police officers from the original investigation that began almost 10 years ago.

    DI Jones said: "The evidence suggests that Price was organising foreign trips for paedophiles to travel to abuse children.

    "Price travelled extensively in his work in construction and had a previous conviction for gross indecency against a young girl dating back to 1990.

    "He will always present a clear and present danger to children."

    DI Jones and DS Ashworth worked alongside the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), the Child Exploitation and Protection Centre (CEOP) and police officers in the US state of Colorado.

    The unprecedented process for extradition from China began in June 2005.

    DI Jones explained that their six year fight to bring Price back is the "first of its kind" and a complex process with loopholes that could have allowed him to remain a free man.

    DI Jones said: "Price spent several months in Kenya where it is possible further offences occurred.

    "He then travelled on to China and myself and Mark began a process of alerting the authorities to Price's previous convictions and the offences he was on bail for.

    "We began the extradition procedure by sending a dissemination notice to police in Beijing, who later confirmed Price was in their country.

    "We later found out he had renewed his visa twice using his false passport and was teaching English to middle school children in the province of Hubei."

    There was no evidence that Price abused children he was teaching in China and despite posing a serious threat to their well-being he remained free for a further six years.

    A complex diplomatic process between the British and Chinese government continued with little action.

    But Merseyside Police and the other child protection agencies kept track of Price using "covert and open source" surveillance.

    On 16th June 2010 they finally had a breakthough in the case.

    The Colorado undercover cop arrived on Merseyside and made a sworn affidavit in South Sefton Magistrates Court - allowing the CPS to grant an international arrest warrant.

    "We notified the Chinese authorities but the complexities of international law can jeopardise making a conviction against Price," said DI Jones.

    "If we were to make an application for extradition we could not present any evidence that may have been gathered after his arrest in Southport in 2003."

    As diplomacy continued, Price was arrested by the Chinese authorities in Hubei Province in May 2011.

    DI Jones added: "His case went through three levels of the Chinese judicial system to establish whether the offences committed by Price in the UK were offences under Chinese law."

    Price spent three months in prison near Beijing and when he was handed over to the two Merseyside Police officers in the capital's airport "his pants were falling down".

    Price admitted to DI Jones and DS Ashworth he "had been treated well" and even paid for his own flight back to make his long overdue re-appearance in court.

    On 8th November last year Price appeared at South Sefton Magistrates Court in Bootle and was charged with 21 counts of possessing, making and distributing indecent images of children.

    He was jailed for seven years and eight months at Liverpool Crown Court today (20th January 2012).


    Onthespot - your online reporter

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  2. Contact us with your news. Mob/Txt 07530 315 478 or Form

    Your Comments:

  3. local says:20/01/2012 07:31 PM
    China would have dealt with him better.

  4. John_Doe says:20/01/2012 07:38 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by local View Post
    China would have dealt with him better.
    damn right

  5. church says:20/01/2012 07:43 PM
    Local I agree.

  6. Cary OK says:20/01/2012 07:56 PM
    Could people not have some good words to say for the excellent police who brought this man to justice?

  7. Rainbowsun says:20/01/2012 07:57 PM
    7 years what a joke, if he is always going to be a danger to children then he should be locked up forever or even better hanged! sick *******!
    Well done to the Police.

  8. fannyannie says:20/01/2012 08:05 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Rainbowsun View Post
    7 years what a joke, if he is always going to be a danger to children then he should be locked up forever or even better hanged! sick *******!
    Well done to the Police.
    Castrated springs to mind!

  9. dvmckns2003 says:20/01/2012 08:25 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Cary OK View Post
    Could people not have some good words to say for the excellent police who brought this man to justice?
    Don't think anyone was calling the police there hands are tied as we all know
    but the justice system and punishment would have been much tougher on such a monster as this and the do gooders can say what they want crimes against children are unexceptable and no amount of rehabilitation is needed just a bloody good marksman
    (rant over)
    and dont let me down people someone must be able to spot the spelling mistake and have a pop :-)

  10. stephen1966 says:20/01/2012 08:46 PM

    Hopefully, during the ridiculously short time he's inside, prison wardens will turn a blind eye to any retribution dished out.

  11. local says:20/01/2012 09:18 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Cary OK View Post
    Could people not have some good words to say for the excellent police who brought this man to justice?
    OK then, well done to all who bought him to justice.

  12. silver fox says:20/01/2012 09:20 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by local View Post
    China would have dealt with him better.
    Not necessarily, the statement says there is no evidence of him committing an offence while in China it is speculative as to how the Chinese would have dealt with him.

    But congratulations to the police and I would certainly agree that any sentence which allows this piece of slime to walk free ever again is too short.

  13. toothache says:20/01/2012 10:12 PM
    With such a lenient sentence one can only hope that the hard men inside give him what he deserves - a very thorough beating up. Incidentally I wonder how he will feel to be the target of abuse in prison?

    Just to keep you happy dvmckns2003

    .....there (THEIR) hands are tied as we all know
    .....unexceptable (UNACCEPTABLE) and no amount of rehabilitation .......

    and dont let me down people someone must be able to spot the spelling mistake and have a pop :-)
    ............................... I only spotted two and both were correct really just inappropriately used ....out of context. (not sure if unexceptable is a proper word either but if it is, the spelling would be correct!)
    This is hardly a forum for advanced semantics!
    Last edited by toothache; 20/01/2012 at 10:22 PM.

  14. spanner says:20/01/2012 10:56 PM
    he will probably die in prison at his age .

  15. church says:20/01/2012 11:17 PM
    Let him rot in hell n die of a very painfull death. The dirty dirty sicko.

  16. StayFresh says:20/01/2012 11:34 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by silver fox View Post
    Not necessarily, the statement says there is no evidence of him committing an offence while in China it is speculative as to how the Chinese would have dealt with him.

    But congratulations to the police and I would certainly agree that any sentence which allows this piece of slime to walk free ever again is too short.
    I think the poster meant that the equivalent punishment handed out in China would have been better.

    I lived in China not far from where he was working and I can confirm that executions often happened for severe crimes. Remember the contaminated baby milk scandal a few years ago? Well while it was still a top news on UK news, they bosses of the company responsible had already been executed.

    I wouldn't hold out much hope for a Chinese child sex offender in China.

    Anyway good work to all authorities involved, and also to the Chinese for assisting.

    7 years is not enough.

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