Wishing you all a happy new year for 2006

My prediction for last year was to invest in the Wigan / Southport artist James Isherwood.

His paintings started the year in the low hundreds and finished the year in the HIGH THOUSANDS.

I know one poster who took my advice.

Now for this year...........
How about the triple wardrobe.

Those very large wardrobes with 3 doors with a linnen press and a chest of drawers on one side and a hanging part on the other side. With a large mirror.
Made from the mid 1800 through to just before the First World War. They come in beautiful Mahogany and warlnut. Ash and oak will cost a little less and easer to refinish.
As the cost of fitted wardrobes rises these items are a good buy and a good investment.
You can PICK THEM UP for under £500. But you will not be able to CARRY one.
They come in 5 sections + doors.
Buy them only if they are in GOOD condition, no chips no veneer missing. Mirrors can be re silvered.
Make sure they have a cornice, pediment, that is capping around the top of the wardrobe. Some dealers call it a top hat. With out this top the wardrobe has little value.

Enjoy your antique shopping this year and remember don't buy it if you do not like it.

All the best for 2006

John Nolan