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Brecon - Antique Spot with John Nolan

The Antiques Man, is on the left Show and discuss your antiques. Get a free opinion and valuation on your antiques from the famous John C Nolan of Southport (

Please include a photograph if possible of your antiques.

John Nolan theantiquesman for the past 47 years has built up an antique business with clientele that spreads across the globe which includes a U.S President, Film and Pop Stars, and famous musicians and politicians, 'A' list celebrities, sport personalities and thousands of people just like you and me. Nolan has supplied the interior design market as well as the antique trade for over 40 years. Brand Names like Macy's, Ralph Loren and Ruby Tuesday used Nolan for their visual effects within their stores. Get a FREE Antiques opinion today.

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    Welcome to the ANTIQUE SPOT with John Nolan

    Southport - Antiques Dealers of Southport.

  1. value my stuff FREE
    Started by theantiquesman 30/10/2010

    Why pay :mad: FROM :mad: nearly £4 per item to have your item valued when here on Qlocal you can do it free :d just send a photograph email me or phone

    • 50
    28/12/2019 01:31 PM
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  2. help with paintings please...john....
    Started by briana5125 06/10/2009

    john i picked up three origonal paintings yesterday for a combined £48.. just wondering what you think.. the first two are a pair from and artist called l.e.wing (or something) and are landscape watercolours.. the other one id an oil on board on a plaster frame,,,i cant make out the...

    • 46
    09/11/2009 01:10 AM
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  3. VANNY. Could you do me a favour?
    Started by Advanced 19/09/2010

    Hi. Well, basically I am just trying to source some good 17th - 19th Century oil paintings, but at the moment the market seems to be quite poor and obtaining them at the right price is starting to become a lot more difficult. Would you be able to keep an eye on for any oil paintings of this...

    • 40
    13/11/2010 10:16 PM
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  4. Good evening Vanny. This is a new piece I acquired relatively recently from a auction company who catalogued this piece as by a "follower of Sir Joshua Reynolds". Since reeving the goods I have thought this attribution is not fair as the canvas was being sold be Tom Brown who dates to around...

    • 38
    27/06/2010 12:28 PM
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  5. old religous painting please help,,,,,
    Started by briana5125 14/09/2009

    hello, i have an old religious painting here that i am looking to find a few things out about... well its a religious painting as you can see,very dirty, the medium looks to be somewhere inbetween oil and watercolour, maybe acrylic?,,,,,unsigned,,,,,but very good quality, it needs a little bit...

    • 36
    23/10/2009 11:59 PM
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  6. So it is my time of the week again...
    Started by Advanced 27/09/2009

    Hi, I have been to booty bay ( Car boot sale )... And I have tried to been more selective but I have still brought some bits and bobs. 5 books 4 a quid. ( Old ) Great British Wind Up Clock 4 a quid.

    • 35
    05/10/2009 12:13 PM
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  7. where am I (number1)
    Started by theantiquesman 27/10/2010

    I thought it may be a little fun to put a thread on called WERE AM I.................A small prize to the winner :d Clue.................Holy K2 :confused:

    • 30
    29/10/2010 09:35 PM
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  8. In about 1982/83, 5 people came into my shop. One was dressed in a North American Indian / cowgirl clothing, studded leather etc. They all spoke in a American Southern drawl and had all made their way through the shop towards a large French Bedroom suite that I had bought in Manchester from Harry...

    • 30
    15/07/2014 12:04 AM
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  9. antique chinese vases
    Started by briana5125 30/10/2009

    john whats your opinion on this pair of antique chinese vases i just bought,,,paid £22 for them... 19.5 cms in height each samurai designs hand painted.. no chips cracks just a bit of crazing....

    • 29
    27/06/2010 12:57 PM
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  10. Irish Embroidered Picture/Banner
    Started by currymonster 08/05/2010

    Hi Is this worth anything? If so, how would I best go about selling it? This embroidered picture/banner has been in my family since the mid-late 1800’s when my great-great grandfather apparently rescued it from a bonfire whilst working as farm bailiff for Alfred Bean formally of Danson House...

    • 28
    30/05/2010 09:25 PM
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  11. Joseph Galea Harbour Valetta Malta Signed Watercolour
    Started by Advanced 03/11/2009

    Hi John, These look quality paintings, and are going for a very fair price, please check his other items as he has more from this same artist, he looks a good artist as well, I found this on AskArt... eBay Item Link: SAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120 484616271 ...

    • 27
    10/11/2009 12:14 AM
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  12. Win a £50 gift voucher
    Started by antiqueman 07/12/2005

    Win a £50 Gift Voucher at KING STREET ANTIQUES at the SOUTHPORT ANTIQUE CENTRE 27-29, King Street Southport. quiz will end at midnight to night 7th December 2005 Put in order the oldest first,The eight periods of English Furniture. To mislead you, two on the list are not periods :D ...

    • 26
    15/06/2006 10:40 PM
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  13. Watercolour Painting by F G Fraser
    Started by Advanced 25/11/2009

    Picked up for £15 + £4.06 p&p. He is a well known water scape Artist He painted in the early 1900s The painting is stuck to its original mounting board This artist paintings normally achive £120 plus at auction

    • 25
    30/11/2009 12:15 PM
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  14. Figures in a landscape ( Charpentier ) Oil On Canvas Hello John, and to all this may offend,

    • 25
    17/01/2010 03:42 PM
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  15. Where to sell antique silver
    Started by ice117 21/11/2013

    I have some solid silver antique sugar tongs - not sure of actual date but I know they are about 150 years old. Where is best place to sell them?

    • 24
    22/11/2013 10:52 PM
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  16. new items????
    Started by briana5125 22/10/2009

    john i would be grateful for your opinion of these few peices ,,,, first 2 pictures are a small oil painting , signed but cant make it out,(something like fabor) approx 3.5 inch x 3 inch (without frame) second item is a bronze horse approx 8 inch in height,, third item is a liberty & co...

    • 22
    09/11/2009 03:30 PM
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  17. Can you guess the hammer price?
    Started by Advanced 04/11/2010

    Posted - Nov 04 2010 : 13:18:06 Hi. Just by way of variety. I am going to be attending a sale shortly. There is an oil painting which has been described as a study of a king charles spaniel, which has been signed: John R Hobart and dated: 1836. As you can hopefully see from the...

    • 22
    07/11/2010 09:03 PM
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  18. A gilt bronze portrait of Lord Byron
    Started by Advanced 29/10/2009

    Hi there John, LINK: / ?sContinent=EUR&screen=lot detailsNoFlash&iSaleItemNo =4351232&iSaleNo=17121& ;iSaleSectionNo=4 Vanny, I just brought this for £72, what sort of value do you think it is worth and where would be the best place to...

    • 20
    02/11/2009 05:47 PM
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  19. Family Airlume - Know anything about this ??
    Started by Advanced 03/01/2010

    Found it loft, obviously a chair, but could you give me a value, and a date would you put on it ??

    • 20
    06/01/2010 09:58 PM
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  20. Antique Painting signed E.T.Crawford
    Started by Advanced 28/11/2009

    LINK: SAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190 350649270&ssPageName=STRK: MEWAX:IT He is a good listed artist, and this painting looks a good example of his work in a nice gilt frame. May not be the biggest of paintings but still of great quality IMO. Also it says Crawford's...

    • 19
    16/12/2009 04:13 PM
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  21. has the forum been monopolised?
    Started by Derek H 15/11/2009

    I have taken the time to glance through the last 20-30-40 threads and I get a feeling that this forum is now monopolised (more or less) by two/three people who simply add www addresses and look for cost-free professional help in running their "sideline" businesses. Ealier, questions (although not...

    • 18
    25/11/2009 09:48 PM
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  22. Antique Road Trip film crew comes to Southport
    Started by theantiquesman 19/06/2010

    Saturday19th June 2010 Taken from the News section of this site John Nolan lifts the ban on BBC filming Friday 18th June 2010

    • 15
    25/11/2011 12:26 AM
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  23. a couple of new items
    Started by briana5125 14/07/2010

    :confused: hey john hows america? i have picked up a couple of bits here that i would like your opinion on.. number 1 = is an italian vase , stamped to base 'h.o italy' ( the pictures make it look brighter than it actually is) number 2 = is a cobalt blue vase with a thin strip of...

    • 15
    24/07/2010 12:53 PM
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  24. African Wooden Stool!
    Started by briana5125 31/07/2010

    Hey John What Do You Think Of This? My House Think I Have Gone Mad. Talk About A Nice Lump Of Wood! :d I Think Its An African Stool,,wood Looks To Have A Good Age To It..

    • 15
    06/08/2010 05:10 PM
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  25. The Oldest item you have ever owned
    Started by theantiquesman 27/10/2010

    This may interest the posters. Why not send a photograph of the oldest item you have owned. I will start thing off with a 4000 year old urn. What's a Chinese urn...........depends, if they own or work in the restaurant :rolleyes: Back in 1979 I bought this urn + other items off a group...

    • 15
    06/11/2010 08:53 PM
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  26. interesting new items!!!
    Started by briana5125 11/02/2011

    hello john n all.. i have picked up a couple of peices for you all to look at. now the first one is quite unusal..its a large what looks like tin and brass bulb vase ? its quite large and old and has been painted with what looks like eastern characters...a little rusted in places but looks...

    • 15
    28/03/2011 08:10 PM
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  27. Cough!
    Started by ex more 30/03/2008

    :whip :wave :wave :wave :wave :wave

    • 14
    05/04/2008 10:55 AM
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  28. Old SD-JR Locomotive Oil Painting - Signed 'D Hughes'
    Started by Advanced 26/11/2009

    LINK: SAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=310 183307060&ssPageName=STRK: MEWAX:IT I do not know anything about this John, but it looks to be quite old and fairly well done, and is a nice subject because we know how many collectors there are of locomotive toys, it may apppeal to...

    • 14
    28/11/2009 01:14 PM
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  29. mucha print on mirror
    Started by briana5125 09/10/2009

    i have just bought a large mirror (not antique but collectable) dating from the 1970's, the artist is czech and called mucha.. although this is just a retro print on a mirror,,i know people that collect them so i will find a buyer... the mirror is quite large approx 1 meter in length..

    • 13
    23/10/2009 04:12 PM
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  30. Oil paintings...
    Started by Advanced 16/11/2009

    Hi there, I have recently obtained the following oil paintings. Would you value them for me ?? I will post the links to the paintings below. What do you think of them ?? LINK: bums/ff352/d1fferent/Watercolo ur.jpg -

    • 13
    19/11/2009 12:25 PM
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  31. Paintings on video for Advanced
    Started by theantiquesman 28/09/2010

    Paintings on video for Advanced

    • 13
    30/09/2010 12:37 AM
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  32. Collectables of the 20th century
    Started by briana5125 04/05/2012

    Picked up this nice glass bell today, dating approx 1900-1905 ish... Flint glass bell, made in france (possibly in the baccarat factory) the handle and clapper match and are made of cold painted bronze. Highly collectable maybe others can upload pictures of they're 20th century...

    • 13
    09/06/2012 11:55 PM
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  33. China Tea Sets
    Started by NRubertazzi 03/11/2012

    Hi I have been collecting china tea sets over the past few years but I am now looking to sell or donate a few of them as I no longer have the space for them all, my problem being is that I'm not actually sure if they are worth much. I wondered if you had any advice regarding selling china...

    • 13
    24/09/2013 03:29 PM
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  34. Koreans now buying English antiques.
    Started by antiqueman 16/11/2009

    With the pound at a low the flood gates are about to open in the antique world. Mr Gyun and Mr Ran on a flying buying...

    • 12
    17/11/2009 11:15 PM
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