Gameplay that have been overlysimplified that there is no fun in playing class,i have more fun playing SSBM (legit) Waiting litteraly years for an app,that is useless (its not Eve online or albion) there is no reason for that market thingy,talk to friend ? discord is there. Getting cut out content to "bring more different and fun content" to at the end,just get less content that are not fun,come on i double dare yout o tell me dungeon are fun,that eureka make you laugh so much your sides hurt and that pf to go in savage are awesome. Are they trying to kill the game or ? im lost i dont know what the dev are thinking ?Since stormblood i have no fun.primal are disapointing,dungeon.....same thing since 4 years yaaaay. Everytime its a total letdown. And here the big carrot in our ..... so they cangive more invetory space because of server limitation,and there is the premium app,HOP double inventory space for chocobo saddle bad and 1 more retainer ? for real ? EA get out of that compagny,vade retro microtransactionas.

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