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After a surge in dog ownership during lockdown one leading canine welfare charity are reporting a 35% increase in enquiries recently about rehoming of peoples pet dogs.

The Dogs Trust said it had experienced a 35% increase in phone calls about people handing over dogs since 12 July, when it was confirmed that “freedom day” would be happening the following week.

There has also been a 55% increase in emails to the charity on the subject since 12 July, while there has been a 182% increase in traffic to the “giving up your dog” pages on its website, compared with pre-pandemic levels.

Owen Sharp, the chief executive of the Dogs Trust, said:
“Following the boom in pet ownership during the pandemic, which saw millions of us delighting in the companionship of a dog, today’s figures have sadly come as no surprise to us.

“As the owners’ circumstances change, puppies grow into noisy ‘teenagers’ and the land is unlocked and many owners are forced to reconsider the place in their lives for their pets.”
The covid lockdown saw a huge surge in pet ownership which undoubtably was in general for the mental benefit of the owners but have they considered what life will be like for the pet post-lockdown.

The RSPCA said:

We're worried that while many families will have considered the long-term commitment of taking on a dog, some may not have been thinking post-lockdown about how they'll care for their new pet when they return to work or how they'll continue to care for them if their personal circumstances are affected by the recession.

We are bracing ourselves for a major dog welfare crisis this year as we expect to see huge numbers of dogs relinquished to rescue centres, sold online or even abandoned; with struggling charities forced to pick up the pieces.

We also have concerns that many dogs who have got used to having their owners at home or who have never experienced being by themselves may struggle to adapt once lockdown measures are eased and people begin to migrate back to the office. We know that one of the major reasons dogs are relinquished is due to behaviour problems and research suggests that separation-related anxiety may affect 85% of dogs. It is really important that we start to get our pets used to a new routine and life post lockdown.
No doubt owners returning home from work will still be met with joy and a wagging tail, but maybe also a few chewed cushions as well.