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  1. Published on: 09/09/2021 07:38 AMReported by: editor
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    The Office of Rail and Road (ORR) today reports in its interim review that Hitachi’s Class 800 and 385 series trains were affected by stress corrosion and fatigue cracks. These resulted in a significant number of Class 800 trains being withdrawn from service in May.

    The regulator also commends the rapid industry response and subsequent work to safely reintroduce trains to service.

    Cracks found in the area of the bolster close to the yaw damper bracket and anti-roll bar fixing points were a result of fatigue, and cracks found in the area where the lifting plates attach to the vehicle body were the result of stress corrosion cracking.

    Stress corrosion cracking occurs when susceptible materials are exposed to a specific corrosive substance while subject to stress.

    ORR’s report found that once the cracks were identified, the industry worked collaboratively to swiftly withdraw the trains and then to establish a suitable process for assessing which trains were able to return to service.

    The regulator’s interim report finds that since being put back into service, trains have performed as specified, with no unsafe conditions or harm arising from the cracking.

    ORR continues to work with Hitachi and the industry and expects to publish a final report in December 2021.

    HM Chief Inspector of Railways at ORR Ian Prosser CBE said:

    “Our interim findings confirm the cracking in the yaw damper and lifting plate are a result of fatigue and stress corrosion cracking – and that Hitachi made the sensible decision to withdraw all trains.

    “Since then, the majority of trains have been put back into service with no unsafe conditions and no harm arising from the cracking.

    “I welcome the good collaboration that has taken place since this issue arose. We are continuing to work with all parties to determine the root cause and will publish our final report in December.”
    ORR’s final report will establish the root cause of the cracking and will review Hitachi’s plan for long term fleet recovery and management and identify any areas for improvement for the industry.

    In June, ORR published its review of the impact on passengers which found train operators affected by the cracks provided clear and consistent information to passengers during the disruption.

    ORR’s passenger review also identified areas aimed at further reducing the impact on passengers should similar disruption occur in future.

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  3. The PNP says:09/09/2021 07:45 AM
    Cracking trains!

  4. Alikado says:09/09/2021 09:36 AM
    Buy Cheap, Buy Twice.

  5. Little Londoner says:09/09/2021 10:05 AM
    Britain used to build the finest trains in the world now they are imported from all points of the compass even the few built here are assembled for Foreign train builders.
    In fact what do WE build that is owned and run by British Manufacturing and Industry,
    answers on the back of a second class stamp to the Department of Trade & Industry it will give the post room a bit of activity for a change.

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