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Sepsis is the number one cause of preventable death in the world. It is an indiscriminate, deadly illness that can kill a healthy adult in a matter of hours – and that’s despite all the advances in vaccines, antibiotics and intensive care.

Sepsis is one of the least well recognised conditions and can be hard to diagnose.

Put simply, sepsis arises when your body’s response to an infection spirals rapidly out of control, injuring its own tissues and organs. Even with modern intensive medical care, sepsis can quickly lead to shock, multiple organ failure and death. The biological processes that cause sepsis are not understood, and this is why we need more research say who have created this informative video.

Recognising symptons early and getting treatment greatly improves the chance of survival.

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Other symptoms may include:
  • Fast or difficult breathing
  • rapid heartbeat
  • feeling dizzy or faint

On their own, these symptoms can be an indication of other health problems. But a combination of these symptoms, becoming progressively worse, means you need to seek urgent medical attention. Early recognition and prompt treatment does save lives.


In their early stages sepsis, flu and coronavirus can have similar symptoms.
Sepsis is a life-threatening medical emergency and the risk of death increases with each hour that treatment is delayed.

There is no diagnostic test for sepsis but if you have two or more of the following symptoms, getting progressively worse, seek urgent medical advice.

More information is available at

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