wrestling ...... is this sport.

Ole Anderson... come on mate, this is a disgrace.


Ole Anderson was suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and it worsened with memory loss and decreased mobility.


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I remember the day when quite a well built man came into my shop. His mannerisms where of some one who you would not mess with, eventhough he was not tall he obviously looked a hard man.

In conversation I asked him where he was from and what brought him to my shop. He said he was down here to fight. I said " I HOPE NOT ME " he laughed. I asked him what type of fighting he did and he told me he was a wrestler. My next question was. Are you any good. He said he was the World Champion. I looked at him in the eyes and my Liverpool humor had now taken over. Putting my hand on his bisept I said "You do not look all that tough to me"

His face changed and he said I was the first person ever to say that to him and as I was English he would let me off.

I asked him his name he said he was one of the Anderson Family Ole Anderson.His real name was (Al Rogowski)

over the next 15 minutes he took a lot of interest in a 1930's baseball pin ball machine that I had for sale which he purchased. He became a good customer and a sort of friend and from then on I got very interested in wrestling. He brought some of his mates in one day to see me.

Around 1991, Anderson became a referee, Anderson then went on to take control of WCW.

Alan Robert Rogowski (born September 22, 1942), better known by his ring name of Ole Anderson, is now retired professional wrestler and a promoter. He held numerous NWA World Tag Team Championships with Gene Anderson, His ring name is a play on the poisonous plant, oleander.

The Anderson family is a group of professional wrestlers, a fictitious extended family largely consisting of brothers and cousins. It started in the Minnesota area in the late 1960s with a tag team called The Minnesota Wrecking Crew, consisting of "brothers" Lars Anderson and Gene Anderson (the only actual 'Anderson' of the original group).
Later versions of the Crew included "brother" Ole Anderson and "cousin" Arn Anderson in various combinations with the original two. In total, the four original Andersons won over 11 different tag team championships together across the country. Several modern tag teams have taken names similar to the Minnesota Wrecking Crew as an homage to the group.
In the 1980s, Ole and Arn allied themselves with Ric Flair, a Minnesota native who they claimed was another cousin of the family, and formed the famous wrestling stable The Four Horsemen. The stable was a major influence on professional wrestling in North America, creating the blueprint for future groups such as the New World Order, Triple Threat, and Evolution.
Ole, Gene and Arn ran tryout camps for prospective wrestlers in the late 1970s and early 1980s, "stretching" several future stars, including Al Snow.
Other wrestlers claiming the Anderson heritage popped up on the independent circuit in the 1990s. These include Pat Anderson, Rocky Anderson, Karl Anderson and C.W. Anderson, who has gone on to moderate fame. Gene Anderson had a son, Brad, who began wrestling in 1988. Ole Anderson had a son who wrestles under the name Bryant Anderson.

I also believe he has written a book called Inside Out: how corporate America destroyed professional wrestling.