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Huddersfield - Antique Spot with John Nolan

The Antiques Man, is on the left Show and discuss your antiques. Get a free opinion and valuation on your antiques from the famous John C Nolan of Southport (

Please include a photograph if possible of your antiques.

John Nolan theantiquesman for the past 47 years has built up an antique business with clientele that spreads across the globe which includes a U.S President, Film and Pop Stars, and famous musicians and politicians, 'A' list celebrities, sport personalities and thousands of people just like you and me. Nolan has supplied the interior design market as well as the antique trade for over 40 years. Brand Names like Macy's, Ralph Loren and Ruby Tuesday used Nolan for their visual effects within their stores. Get a FREE Antiques opinion today.

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    Southport - Antiques Dealers of Southport.

    Welcome to the ANTIQUE SPOT with John Nolan

  1. Hi john and all i am looking for a little help regarding this pair of japanese looking creamware? Vases i have. I would like to know abit about them, if you could help that would be great they are cream with oriental style transfers around them, could be oriental but also probably be dutch...

    • 4
    08/06/2013 05:32 PM
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  2. " The Liverpool "
    Started by theantiquesman 08/03/2012

    I am never supprised what shows up on a day to day basis A pair of binoculars from the ship " The Liverpool "

    • 7
    15/04/2015 04:46 PM
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  3. "Victorian" Pewter Teapot
    Started by Advanced 01/10/2009

    Hi there, I believe by the syle it looks Victorian, but obviously that is just a speculative punt, anyway if it is not please tell me what date you would put on it, it feels very heavy and only has a slight dent i believe it may be a dent or just the syle of it I am not 100% sure, also it says...

    • 9
    03/10/2009 07:51 AM
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  4. 'Abdul-Baha visit to Liverpool
    Started by theantiquesman 19/07/2012

    ast up date 11th Dec 2012 This Saturday Night hundreds of the Bahai's will be celebrating the 100 years since Abdul-baha visited Liverpool. It was the Adelphi Hotel is where He stayed and it is the same Hotel that the Bahai's will be holding their celebration. Dignitaries including the...

    • 3
    09/06/2015 12:00 PM
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  5. 'Holiness to the Lord' brass ornament.
    Started by Lettuce-Leaf 19/09/2014

    Hi John, Please could you give me some info about this brass ornament, if possible? It belonged to my Grandmother who passed away in 1978. She owned it for as long as I can remember. It stands just 11cm tall and as you see, the inscription on the 'arch' reads: Holiness to the Lord (Curiously,...

    • 5
    21/09/2014 09:38 PM
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  6. ...Native-Antiques...
    Started by Native-Antiques 03/02/2009

    Hi There i have been interested in collecting antiques for a while now and over the years i have managed to lay my hands on a lovely set of 25 Ebony wood Figurines, a headhunters igorot tribal table also an original Nuttalls Christian Family Bible New and Old Testament Dated 1807 if you know...

    • 1
    08/02/2009 12:55 AM
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  7. 0.99p - Oil on Canvas Painting
    Started by Advanced 24/11/2009

    Winner, loser, thoughts & opinions & value ?? LINK: SAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=130 345437715&ssPageName=STRK: MEWNX:IT

    • 2
    24/11/2009 09:21 PM
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  8. 17th/18th Century- Any Attribution?
    Started by Advanced 11/02/2012 SAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320 846682634&ssPageName=STRK: MESE:IT#ht_500wt_1287

    • 1
    12/02/2012 09:09 PM
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  9. Hi, The funny thing is there is a very wel listed 18th Century artist who is called François Boucher, what do you think of this painting John, has it got "it", and potential to be a winner ? It looks a very French Scene to me. Thank you in advance Vanny. :D :)

    • 5
    28/12/2009 05:05 PM
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  10. 1904 " the durham gas radiator "
    Started by PENTHOUSEJOE 21/05/2014

    I have a 1904 gas durham radiator, manufactered by R & M Main of Falkirk , London , Glasgow. I cant seem to upload pics. Its green and black in colour, with cast iron feet & hot plate.Is it worth bringing to your shop as would be a nice feature in the right room/house. 07902313700. Thank you for...

    • 1
    21/05/2014 03:03 PM
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  11. 1930's ceramic help
    Started by briana5125 03/04/2011

    hey john looking for a little help with this peice.. 1930's ceramic unstamped it looks to me like a drainage bowl, in the middle of the bowl the black part is raised on three feet with a hole underneith it giving the impression of a drainge device for washing salad ect.. what do you...

    • 2
    15/04/2011 09:02 AM
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  12. 1930's penwork.
    Started by briana5125 30/10/2011

    Hey john . Just wondering if you could give me some advice onto the value of this peice i have. I am not familiar with this type of item, i have seen abit of it mostly dating from the 18th and early 19th centuries. This one i have is approx 1930's in date i think. Nice solid panel and...

    • 1
    30/10/2011 11:39 PM
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  13. 1941 darkwood cloak & umbrella stand
    Started by PENTHOUSEJOE 10/09/2019

    Dark hardwood,Cloak & Umbrella stand Royal crest on underside branded into wood sayings 1941.Brass plaque on front sayings Serial No N20838 Air Ministry. Site will not let a photo be uploaded know matter how much pictures are edited. Any ideas on history or value. Ring or tx 07902313700 for any...

    • 5
    23/09/2019 02:33 PM
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  14. 19th c painting of a maden
    Started by Advanced 30/01/2010

    hello, looked a very good painting when viewing, and quality detail, fine brush strokes, and an elaborate frame, and went quite cheaply I believe, if it was signed I am sure it would be worth a lot more. anyway, if you could tell me what you think, to let me know, if I am getting better at...

    • 3
    09/02/2010 06:58 PM
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  15. 19th Century Antique Oil Painting on Canvas, STILL LIFE
    Started by Advanced 19/11/2009

    Hi, LINK: SAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=360 208259270&fromMakeTrack=tr ue&ssPageName=VIP:watchlin k:top:en Is the painting above worth £20, seems quite a nice painting, quite naive and basic not the best quality, but it is old and nicely framed, surely the frame is worth...

    • 1
    19/11/2009 05:03 PM
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  16. 2 Brass Goblets
    Started by Advanced 25/11/2009

    What do you think Vanny... ?? LINK: Goblets_W0QQitemZ130345696523Q QcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Antiques_ DecorativeAntiques_Collectable s_EH?hash=item1e59357d0b definitely tourist type items.

    • 6
    27/11/2009 03:33 PM
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  17. 2 framed pictures
    Started by Jono76 22/08/2013

    Hi, could you tell me anything about these pictures?

    • 1
    28/08/2013 03:42 PM
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  18. 2 Matching Tureens
    Started by Me2 13/09/2014

    Hello John I have these two tureens and wondered what you thought about them in terms of their worth. They have been in the family a long time and have never been used by myself, they have been stored for ages, don't know exactly where they were from, do you? One has more worn handles than the...

    • 5
    16/09/2014 03:29 PM
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  19. 2000 year old Roman Urn
    Started by theantiquesman 22/01/2011

    The old joke ...............whats an Italian urn. :idea £445,000 John Barratt of Bath inherited in the 1950's from his father Sir Sydney Barratt an urn old urn. He drilled it and put a cable through and made it into a lamp and proudly placed it and the red lamp shade on a table in his hall....

    • 0
    22/01/2011 03:56 PM
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  20. 200 :book The 200th person to sign the Black Book did so today. It was a long time friend of mine Roy Adams and antique collector for even longer than our friendship. Roy is a local celebrity famous for keeping doors, running and owning some of the most famous nightclubs on Merseyside...

    • 6
    10/11/2011 03:39 PM
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  21. 20thC Impressionist Oil Painting
    Started by Advanced 11/02/2012

    Any good? Any value? Link: http://www.greatwesternauction 443-0.jpg

    • 1
    12/02/2012 09:11 PM
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  22. 3 New Paintings Obtained
    Started by Advanced 12/11/2009

    LINK: SAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220 505652192&ssPageName=STRK: MEWNX:IT LINK: SAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220 505652742&ssPageName=STRK: MEWNX:IT LINK: SAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220 505653235&ssPageName=STRK: MEWNX:IT ...

    • 5
    13/11/2009 10:57 PM
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  23. 3 Plates and a Weird Looking Bird?
    Started by peterjg1972 20/03/2010

    Hi John What do you make of these plates? 1st Good all round condition, Japanese? 2nd Ugly looking Staffordshire slipware bird !? 3rd Hairline crack to back

    • 1
    21/03/2010 10:58 PM
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  24. 49.why not start collecting...something...this is also a bit of a quiz
    Started by theantiquesman 29/03/2011

    THIS IS ALSO A BIT OF A QUIZ. People always ask me what I collect. The question is... What do you collect? If you do not collect anything, then now is the time to start. I have met loads of people who collect nothing, they throw out everything: Christmas cards, post cards, furniture as...

    • 8
    15/04/2011 08:24 PM
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  25. 6 man clock - antique road trip
    Started by theantiquesman 09/01/2015

    over the last few days since the show was aired I have received over 190 phone calls and emails concerning the 6 man clock. ?v=QWop_ybs3xY For the last 50 years John Nolan THE ANTIQUES MAN of Southport have traveled through Europe and North America looking for the...

    • 0
    09/01/2015 04:05 PM
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  26. A Cabinet or Sideboard ?
    Started by Trubble 05/03/2011

    Hi John, Could you possibly identify this item ? Is it a Display Cabinet, Sideboard or even a Cocktail Cabinet ? I tried to find one like it, but Im having no luck Thank you

    • 9
    09/03/2011 03:55 PM
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  27. A Charming Mid-victorian Oil Painting Of Puppies In A Barrel
    Started by Advanced 19/11/2009

    Hi, Its in fairly good condition but has suffered a little over the years and has a few minor scuffs and scrapes with some paint flaking, mainly around the edges. If I could get it for £125, would this be a bargain ?? Looks a nice subject, even though it is unsigned. What do you think...

    • 3
    21/11/2009 11:13 PM
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  28. a cheap Constable
    Started by antiqueman 22/08/2006

    John Constable 1776-1837 When a painting of Constable's come up for Auction people queue up to buy it. Over a million pounds you would expect to have to pay. Well at the Stanstead Mountfitchet rooms of Sworders on 26th July a painting sold for £9,800. Don't get excited......It was not a...

    • 0
    22/08/2006 04:02 PM
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  29. A Coleman Lovely Quality Victorian Watercolour Painting
    Started by Advanced 18/11/2009

    Hi, Do you think painting has potential profit Vanny ?? I think it is well done, and it looks a old gilt frame, which is a bonus as that has got to be worth something, it looks a fair sized painting also which is good also. Have you heard of this artist or is he listed, I can not dig up...

    • 5
    18/11/2009 11:23 PM
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  30. a couple of new items
    Started by briana5125 14/07/2010

    :confused: hey john hows america? i have picked up a couple of bits here that i would like your opinion on.. number 1 = is an italian vase , stamped to base 'h.o italy' ( the pictures make it look brighter than it actually is) number 2 = is a cobalt blue vase with a thin strip of...

    • 15
    24/07/2010 12:53 PM
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  31. A couple of nice 'large' watercolours
    Started by briana5125 21/10/2013

    I purchased yesterday 2 nice watercolours. Just wanted to know what you all think. The first one is a nice landscape scene with a house and cattle grazing , by the victorian artist ' w. Mathison'. Circa 1852-1926 the second one is probably the finest watercolour i have ever owned , it is a...

    • 3
    24/10/2013 03:33 PM
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  32. A Couple Of Paintings Bought
    Started by briana5125 17/11/2010

    I Bought These Two Watercolours Today, Just Thought I Would Post Them To See What You Think. The First One Is A Nice Watercolour By A Well Known Irish Artist Called ' Pat Cowley' Nicely Framed In A Nice Thick Gold Frame, APPROX 20 X 17 INCH IN FRAME The Second One Is A More Colourful...

    • 1
    20/11/2010 04:27 PM
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  33. A few items !!!
    Started by briana5125 21/08/2011

    I have a few bts here john and would be grateful to beneft from your knowledge on them. 1. Is a stone bottle which could have been used for alcohol? Oil? Its made from stone and has been covered in some type of leather / skin?,,,looks to me to be quite old but not as old as it is made to look,...

    • 2
    21/08/2011 11:59 PM
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  34. A Few More Bits N Peices
    Started by briana5125 18/02/2011

    Hello All I Am Looking For Help On A Couple Of Peices I Have And Would Be Grateful If Anyone Can Shed Any Light On Them. Ok The First Peice Is A Nice Peice Of Art Neuveau Pottery -looks Continental - Signed To Base - Probably French? The Next Peice Is Also A Peice Ceramic Vase From...

    • 5
    19/02/2011 10:59 PM
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