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Over 80 per cent of independent retailers across the UK will shut down their websites and donate their profits to charity this Friday in an attempt to protest against online giants such as Amazon.

Up to 85% of smaller sellers will plant trees as part of a renewed drive against large online sellers offering deals for Black Friday.

These independent retailers will not participate this year in Black Friday, the day sellers claim to offer bargains and reduce prices in an effort to shore up custom before Christmas.

The number of retailers boycotting the event is the highest figure ever recorded by the British Independent Retailers Association (BIRA).

It comes as part of a growing movement against huge online shopping websites such as Amazon.

“The pandemic has been very difficult for those retailers classed as non-essential,” BIRA chief executive, Andrew Goodacre said.

“In the past 18 months they have suffered three lockdowns, weeks of restrictive regulations and are now just starting to build back their business.

“Christmas is going to be an incredibly important season for independent retailers.

“We know shoppers have returned to shopping on the high street as they start to prepare for the festive period but we need stronger sales in November and December to help retailers take on the many challenges that await them in 2022.”