The "FOR SALE/FREE" forum is free to use for our registered members in and around the Southport area.

It is not Ebay so no auction type bidding is allowed. Please price the items for sale.

Commercial advertising i.e. if you run a business is also not allowed.

No animals/livestock advertising allowed.

No Weapons, of any kind, to be advertised.

A reasonable number of "for sale" items is permitted. Anyone posting 5 or more items in a single week may be viewed as a spammer or commercial user and could get banned.

There is no need to repeat advertisements.

Please close your thread after an item has been sold. A padlock will appear next to the thread icon. It is also polite to acknowledge that the item has been sold to avoid further unnecessary contact from members.

Contravention of these rules and guidelines can result in a member being banned and all their posts being deleted without warning.

Members should advise the moderators via the "Report a Post" icon of any unacceptable use in this forum.

SGB cannot be held responsible for the content or accuracy of any items being advertised, sole responsibility is with the seller of the goods.

And remember...

Regardless of the circumstances, the advertising of Business Services, pirated or counterfeit software or DVDs (including devices used for storing or playing pirated software - ie 'chipped' games consoles) is not allowed on these forums.

The advertising for sale, wanted or rehoming of animals in this forum unfortunately cannot be allowed; however appeals for lost or found animals are welcome.

Weapons of any description (replicas included) are strictly prohibited from being advertised for sale.

Replica items (ie watches) are also not to be advertised for sale.

Alcohol of any kind must not be advertised for sale or swap.

Tobacco and Tobacco Products may also not be advertised.