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Southport - Antique Spot with John Nolan

The Antiques Man, is on the left Show and discuss your antiques. Get a free opinion and valuation on your antiques from the famous John C Nolan of Southport (

Please include a photograph if possible of your antiques.

John Nolan theantiquesman for the past 47 years has built up an antique business with clientele that spreads across the globe which includes a U.S President, Film and Pop Stars, and famous musicians and politicians, 'A' list celebrities, sport personalities and thousands of people just like you and me. Nolan has supplied the interior design market as well as the antique trade for over 40 years. Brand Names like Macy's, Ralph Loren and Ruby Tuesday used Nolan for their visual effects within their stores. Get a FREE Antiques opinion today.

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    Welcome to the ANTIQUE SPOT with John Nolan

    Southport - Antiques Dealers of Southport.

  1. Churchill's hat
    Started by theantiquesman 12/01/2017

    Does the two finger salute mean “Churchill has two hats”? Prime Minister Winston Churchill visited the City of Liverpool on 25th April 1941, Mr Churchill said “I need a hat to wave Victory to the people of Liverpool”. His secretary said “where is the one you had this morning.” He...

    • 1
    21/05/2022 10:33 AM
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  2. happy Easter to all antique lover
    Started by theantiquesman 15/04/2022

    Happy Easter 2022 to everyone. Keep collecting All the best. John Nolan

    • 0
    15/04/2022 02:35 PM
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  3. ANTIQUE Gossip on the Antique High Street
    Started by theantiquesman 08/03/2018

    Gossip on the Antique High Street We are all excited about our auctions for 2018 – John has teamed up with Charles of Hansons Auctioneers and Valuers Ltd. Charles has opened a new auction house in London, and along with their thriving auction house serving an international audience from...

    • 4
    11/04/2022 01:10 PM
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  4. value my stuff thread reaching 1,000,000
    Started by theantiquesman 07/04/2022

    by theantiquesman 30/10/2010 Why pay FROM nearly £4 per item to have your item valued when here on Qlocal you can do it free just send a photograph, email me or whatsapp. phone 07714 322252 your best choice if you want to sell your collectables and...

    • 0
    07/04/2022 01:17 PM
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  5. Normal, here in southport
    Started by theantiquesman 05/04/2022

    IT WOULD SEEM THE ANTIQUE TRADE HERE IN SOUTHPORT IS BACK WERE THE BUSINESS WAS BEFOR THE PANDEMIC. It would seem people are about again investing in antiques. The phone has started ringing again. Valuations are back on track and house clearances are as busier as ever. Gold and silver is up. The...

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    05/04/2022 12:08 PM
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  6. last up date September 2021 by the way this story has now been viewed by over 500,000 views Hundreds of the Bahai's have celebrated the 100 years since Abdul-baha visited Liverpool. The 100yr celebration was held at the Adelphi Hotel were Abdul'baha stayed Dignitaries including the...

    • 1
    04/09/2021 03:52 PM
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  7. antique road trip show
    Started by theantiquesman 12/04/2014

    12th April 2014 Interesting that the dealers in Market Street banned the Antique Road Trip from visiting this time around because of the way the show was edited the last time the show visited Southport. It was a disgrace the way they made the father of one of the dealers look in the...

    • 3
    14/08/2021 06:29 PM
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  8. Rest In Peace Sir Ken Dodd
    Started by theantiquesman 12/03/2018

    No show without Punch. Now no show without Sir Ken.They will be laughing tonight up in the Heavens. RIP. Where’s me shirt. :d:1laugh:laugh:2laugh:d:1lau gh:laugh:2laugh:d:1laugh:laugh :2laugh

    • 2
    14/08/2021 01:01 PM
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  9. Why in Brookside was the actor Michael Starke called Sin Bad. Well Michael (A LAUGH A MINUTE) told me that everyone in Liverpool has a knick name, (for some reason people call Theantiquesman, Vanman.) So the character in Brookie was a window cleaner and when he cleaned square windows he just...

    • 4
    13/07/2021 11:57 AM
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  10. Wooden Bucket and basin
    Started by K-T 05/10/2020

    Hi John, I've just bought this wooden bucket with a basin that sits on the top. It needs a bit of work, but I'll probably use them as planters. Do you know what they would have been used for originally? Thanks

    • 2
    07/10/2020 08:58 AM
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  11. Sir Winston Churchill Hat.
    Started by theantiquesman 11/09/2015

    This in connection with Sir Winston Churchill Homburg Hat. John Nolan ‘The Antiques Man‘ has bought what could turn out to be the buy of the century and has asked Qlocal posters to help verify the story. Back in mid 1945 just after the end of WW11 Mr Churchill visited Liverpool and visited...

    • 1
    21/08/2020 03:05 PM
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  12. Celebrity Antique Road Trip, Michael Starkie and Marjorie Cooper The show was aired last night Tuesday 14th Non 2017 series 3 episode 7

    • 1
    21/08/2020 11:45 AM
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  13. need help identifying this pot!!!???
    Started by briana5125 22/01/2014

    hey john hope all is well and you had a nice xmas , hope your new year has started well. I was wondering if you could tell me anything about this vase I have? kind of looks studio pottery, with a salt / soda glaze , no marks.. could it be American stoneware??

    • 3
    27/06/2020 01:27 PM
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  14. walking stick
    Started by tina100 12/03/2016

    can anyone tell me anything about this walking stick, i bought it at a charity shop some years ago but would like to know something about it's age and maybe where it may have been made. many thanks.. tina

    • 4
    17/05/2020 12:07 PM
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  15. Bargain buys
    Started by melanieb 12/03/2020

    I'm delighted with my £2.99 buy from a charity shop (marked West Germany underneath) and wondered if others might like to share their bargain finds? If that's ok John - or maybe not appropriate?

    • 4
    07/05/2020 09:28 AM
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  16. Corona Virus Spread
    Started by theantiquesman 14/03/2020

    Normal 0 false false ...

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    14/03/2020 04:52 PM
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  17. Ivory smoking pipe with 2 dogs
    Started by vodkadi 27/12/2019

    192538[/ATTACH Hi john could you please tell me a bit more about this item (age ect) and is there any value, they think it was my dads great grandad. Kind Regards Diane

    • 1
    25/02/2020 12:41 PM
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  18. value my stuff FREE
    Started by theantiquesman 30/10/2010

    Why pay :mad: FROM :mad: nearly £4 per item to have your item valued when here on Qlocal you can do it free :d just send a photograph email me or phone

    • 50
    28/12/2019 01:31 PM
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  19. christmas greetings
    Started by theantiquesman 24/12/2019

    I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year. good antique hunting john nolan

    • 0
    24/12/2019 01:24 PM
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  20. THE ANTIQUES MAN - new site
    Started by theantiquesman 17/10/2019

    THE ANTIQUES MAN - new site Exciting news New web site on its way. Since my last site was hacked and has not been on air. Life has been quiet. NOT ANY MORE.................... Value my things and china search will be available on QLOCAL our local site.

    • 1
    19/12/2019 12:52 PM
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  21. In the sale room
    Started by theantiquesman 18/12/2019

    $400 million for a painting = £303 million + 10% commission Christ the Saviour previously owned by three Kings Christies does OK $50,000,000 in commission total $450,000,000 ?v=lN-n0_Sf5cE

    • 5
    18/12/2019 04:32 PM
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  22. TOP 10 of the worlds paintings
    Started by theantiquesman 18/12/2019 v=t4ftkrHtDd4 what is your opinion No Isherwood's :D:D:D:D:D:D

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    18/12/2019 04:19 PM
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  23. Do not cry
    Started by theantiquesman 18/12/2019 v=xmigJjrd5SE&t=9s Do not cry over spilt milk, but you can cry over a painting.

    • 0
    18/12/2019 03:55 PM
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  24. ST MICHAEL the Arch Angel.A" sleeper" made in Heaven
    Started by theantiquesman 11/11/2019

    ST MICHAEL the Arch Angel. Lot 4164 Thurs 14th November 2019 The most fantastic carving of marble I have ever seen including The Vatican. Definitly under valued at £4000 more like £400,000 This is a SLEEPER made in Heaven

    • 1
    23/11/2019 09:18 AM
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  25. black book on tour
    Started by theantiquesman 09/04/2019 port/forum/BLACKBOOK_on_tour-2 5361.htm It looks like the thread is up and running. getting on to 400 people have signed it so far. Lots of photographs to put on the thread. you will have to be ..........patience is a virtue

    • 1
    23/11/2019 09:16 AM
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  26. Tv show find it fix it flog it
    Started by theantiquesman 01/06/2017

    John Nolan ,(The Antiques Man) has again attracted a TV show to Southport. What is going on, 21st show I have done, is it Southport or may be it is something in the water........... well this weekend the tide is in for once . FIND IT FIX IT FlOG IT. The program will be aired on Chanel 4 in...

    • 2
    11/10/2019 10:22 AM
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  27. 1941 darkwood cloak & umbrella stand
    Started by PENTHOUSEJOE 10/09/2019

    Dark hardwood,Cloak & Umbrella stand Royal crest on underside branded into wood sayings 1941.Brass plaque on front sayings Serial No N20838 Air Ministry. Site will not let a photo be uploaded know matter how much pictures are edited. Any ideas on history or value. Ring or tx 07902313700 for any...

    • 5
    23/09/2019 02:33 PM
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  28. Masks
    Started by hettyketty 25/06/2013

    Hello John, I recently acquired these two Lega Tribe, Congo, African hand carved wooden masks. They are not new and have some age to them. The smaller one is 22 x 14cms. How much do you think they might be worth? Thanks, Hetty:)

    • 4
    23/09/2019 02:30 PM
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  29. Hello I'm looking for some help to identify/value it. It looks like a handmade and I do believe it is real silver . It weight 136g Thank you in advance for any help. Kind regards

    • 1
    10/09/2019 01:09 PM
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  30. Antiquesman site hacked
    Started by theantiquesman 26/08/2019

    SORRY TO INFORM YOU ALL THAT MY WEB SITE HAS BEEN HACKED has been hacked. it has vanashed into the clouds.......... official it has fallen of the screen. until I have made a new site I will be useing I have lost over 90,000 photographs. over...

    • 0
    26/08/2019 02:00 PM
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  31. Rory Ward.
    Started by theantiquesman 22/08/2019

    Ref. Value my stuff. Rory Award. Hi, People have many reasons why they want to own an item. It is when more than one person becomes interested in the item does it start to increase in value. You item in the real world has very little value. But is you have an interesed party first tell me his...

    • 0
    22/08/2019 03:57 PM
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  32. Studio Pottery Help.
    Started by briana5125 14/10/2010


    • 6
    30/07/2019 11:22 AM
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  33. antique road show liverpool
    Started by theantiquesman 18/07/2019 v=e8WufNuav9o LIVERPOOL

    • 0
    18/07/2019 03:56 PM
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  34. Carved Table
    Started by The Debster 03/06/2019

    Hi John, I'm looking to sell my table but dont have a clue what it could be worth so would be grateful of your advice, it is carved all the way around and on the top plus it has a door on one side but unfortunately it has broken. Cheers Debs x I can't upload pictures it says they're too big,...

    • 3
    15/06/2019 01:31 PM
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