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Congratulations to the Porter family with their son receiving the MBE from Princess Anne at Windsor this week.

Brenda reported at Southportnews group ...

A magical 2 days in Windsor when Andrew was awarded his MBE from Princess Anne with us watching close by...very emotional

Ken unable to be with us as restricted to 3 guests but kept updated with photos and texts and duly celebrated at home with our daughter Gill.

Delighted to be sharing this time with our friends and community.
Andrew Portersmith started Musicstuff with his wife Stef as a youth arts not for profit organisation in Manchester. They work with community groups, young offenders, single parents, NEET, drug & alcohol abusers, young people involved with gangs, young people excluded from education and many other groups.

They have used music and arts to engage with young people, give them a voice, sign post them to support, build confidence and self esteem, reduce social isolation and build social and practical skills.

They have also used music and arts to look at issues affecting young people such as sexual health, teenage pregnancy, homelessness, drug and alcohol misuse, emotional literacy, domestic violence and many other issues.

One of their aims was to give young people who wouldn't normally get the chance to create and develop musical skills a chance to develop a skill or interest. In building these opportunities across Manchester and Tameside they have been rooted in the community and employed many local people.

Just over 10 years ago we also became an independent school working with young people from Manchester that had been excluded or as an alternative to exclusion from mainstream education. We have always believed in supporting people through the many challenges of life and many young people have benefitted from the help and support we have given them over the many years MusicStuff has been part of the Manchester offer to young people.

To learn more about MusicStuff please visit their website

Pictures ...

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More pictures can be seen at this post at Southportnews group