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As Southport reflects on the Botanic Family Fun Day, it seems one thing is on everyone's mind. Will it be an annual event?

With such comments on local Social Media Groups and residents making their feelings known,

"Wow what a day it's clear we should have this event every year, the kids loved it and everyone so happy, Please, Please let's have it every year"

"Great day at Botanic Funday, just what the town needed and i feel it's needed every year"

"I missed this one, but I am really hoping we have the same next year, seen the pictures and so wished I could have made it, come on let's do it again"

Southport Media Spoke to Jess Thwaites and said come and put it to her, will there be another?

Jess said she has worked so hard in the last 5 months and this would have to really be thought about due to the time and motion involved,

Jess also said she was overwhelmed with the support she received and how the community all united as one,

Watch this space and let's see what happens next, Southport Media will keep you updated.

Reported by Blake Maynard of Southport Media Group