Lancashire County Council has updated its policy on the use of brown signs to help people find popular tourist and leisure destinations.

The council's cabinet agreed the new criteria to be used when deciding applications for the signs, which has been updated to meet the most recent guidance from the Department for Transport.

The policy covers the rules about the types of destination that can be eligible for a brown sign and how they can be used. The signs play an important role in helping to direct people, but their use is strictly limited to keep motorists' attention on the road and avoid cluttering roadsides with too much information.

County Councillor Keith Iddon, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: "We have a duty to make our roads as safe and easy to use as possible, and the brown signs with white writing used to direct people to tourism and leisure destinations are one of the tools we can use.

"Tourism is very important to Lancashire's economy and these signs are a way of guiding visitors along the most appropriate route, and helping them get safely where they want to go.

"They're particularly useful when the destination is off a main route and may otherwise be hard to find using existing directional signage.

"Our new policy clearly sets out the rules for using these signs and should make it easier for potential applicants to understand them in future."