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  1. Published on: 05/11/2019 03:25 PMReported by: roving-eye

    A Parliamentary General Election will be held on Thursday 12 December 2019.

    There are three Parliamentary Constituencies in Sefton, Bootle, Sefton Central and Southport.

    Voters will be asked to elect one of the candidates to serve as a Member of Parliament for each Constituency.

    Every person who is registered to vote at the election as of the 31 October 2019 will receive an official poll card. The poll card will state the date and time of the election and the polling station the registered elector must vote at, or if the elector has previously asked to vote by post, when they should expect to receive their postal vote.

    1. What should I do first?
    Make sure you are registered to vote!
    Anyone not already registered to vote can register online at
    To vote at the election you must be 18 years old and a British, Irish or Commonwealth Citizen.
    The deadline for applying to vote at the election is Midnight on Tuesday 26 November 2019
    When applying you must provide your Date of Birth and your National Insurance Number.
    If you do not know your National Insurance Number then your application will not be processed and we will need to contact you.
    National Insurance Numbers are issued to everyone at around 15 and half year’s old. If you do not know your number, please visit
    To register to vote or for more information on registering to vote, please visit
    Anyone registering to vote after the 31 October 2019 and before the deadline on Tuesday 26 November 2019 will receive an official poll card around the 5 December 2019.

    [COLOR=#01527A !important]2. Can someone vote on my behalf?
    You can appoint someone to vote on your behalf as your proxy.
    All new applications to appoint a proxy must be received no later than 5pm on Wednesday 4 December 2019
    For further information on proxy voting, please visit

    [COLOR=#01527A !important]3. Can I vote if I live overseas?
    If you have been living overseas, but you have been registered to vote in the UK within the last 15 years then you can register to vote as an overseas elector.
    For further information, please visit
    You can vote by post or by proxy, but it may be prudent to appoint a proxy in the UK to vote on your behalf.
    Application deadlines are the same as those for UK electors.

    [COLOR=#01527A !important]4. What if I'm a student living away at University?
    Students can register to vote from their home address and at their University address
    The rules only allow you to vote in one constituency at a General Election.
    If you are registered to vote at your University address and you know you will be back at home on the 12 December 2019, then you can register to vote at your home address up until Tuesday 26 November 2019 at
    If you are at home, but would like to vote from your University address, then you should contact the local authority where you are registered with and arrange for a postal vote.
    When completing the application, you can request that the postal pack is delivered to your home address. You can do this up to 5pm on Tuesday 26 November 2019.

    [COLOR=#01527A !important]5. Who am I voting for?
    When voting in this election you will vote to elect a Candidate to become a Member of Parliament for the area in which you live.
    The ballot paper will contain the names of candidates and the political party they represent or they may be an Independent candidate.
    The ballot paper will not have the names of Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Johnson or any other leader of a political party on it.

    [COLOR=#01527A !important]6. Do I need to take anything with me to vote?
    Official poll cards are issued to every person registered to vote at the election.
    Poll cards are issued for information purposes. We do not re-issue poll cards.
    Electors can take them to the polling station and this will assist the staff, but it is not necessary to do so.

    [COLOR=#01527A !important]7. How do I cast my vote?
    To vote in this election, every elector will be able to vote once by marking an X against the name of the candidate they wish to vote for.
    In polling stations, a specially designed pencil is provided. You cannot rub the pencil mark out, but if a mistake is made then election rules allow the vote to be clearly crossed out and then vote for the correct candidate.
    Voters may use a pen or other writing implement if they prefer.


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  2. Contact us with your news. Mob/Txt 07530 315 478

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