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Hayley Thomas of Skelmersdale has started a petition to have the Childrens A&E open 24 hours a day at Ormskirk.

Currently Childrens A&E is currently closed between midnight and 8am. Previously it was open 24 hours but in April 2020 in response to Covid issues. Trish Armstrong-Child, chief executive of Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust, said the challenges presented by COVID-19 (coronavirus) had forced the temporary closure on the Trust. She said: "I know the closure will concern people but the Trust cannot maintain safe and effective emergency medical cover overnight while the focus of our staff is on coronavirus”.

Two years on the closure remains in place.

Mother Hayley started the petition saying

Why is our local children's A&E closing at midnight? How is that even allowed? When do children most take ill? in the night! We all need to know that this service is there, for if and when we need it most. I recently got turned away at 1am , the next day I found out my little one could have asthma. Thank god things didn’t worsen, but imagine they did. Let all shout as loud as we can to get this changed! This is what we pay tax’s for! This is our right!
When closed the nearest Childrens A&E is at Alder Hey in Liverpool.

You can view / sign the petition at here

At the time of posting 1784 people have already signed the petition.