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Headteacher Mike McGarry says he’s delighted at the outcome of Range High School’s recent Ofsted inspection which has rated the school as ‘good’ in all areas.

Mr McGarry said,

“This Ofsted report and its findings are testament to the hard work of everyone in the school community in the difficult and challenging years through the pandemic. They show a huge improvement since Ofsted’s last visit in November 2018.

“As can be read in the report, the team were extremely thorough in the two days they spent with us and left no stone unturned when conducting their work.”

‘Most pupils, and students in the sixth form, who spoke with inspectors are proud of their school,’ and ‘Staff foster positive relationships with pupils’ are amongst the statements in the Report. It also says, ‘Pupils are usually polite and courteous to others’, ‘They respect the differences between people’ and ‘Pupils feel safe.’

Mr McGarry said, “As a school, we were extremely proud of our students and how they were keen to show the inspection team that their school had significantly improved and that they had played an integral part in bringing that improvement about. Our students are confident and articulate young people and the team listened to their views in a constructive and positive way.

“Leaders and trustees have improved most aspects of the school’s work. Pupils now follow a curriculum that is more ambitious than the one that was previously in place.”

“Everyone at the school has worked hard to ensure the curriculum is challenging and suitable for all, designed in a way to ensure that students of all abilities can succeed.

“The inspectors were complimentary of the work of all staff, teaching and associate, for the commitment and dedication they show to our young people on a daily basis.

“They recognised that outcomes were excellent for many of our leavers following GCSE, BTech or A-Level examinations. Many of these results were and are above national averages and that the vast, vast majority go on to meaningful employment, training, or further education.

“We are proud of all of our staff and trustees for the huge part they have played and continue to play making our school the very best it can be for all of our students.

“The vast majority of parents and carers are very positive about the school. Many said that the school has improved since the previous inspection.”

“We are also hugely grateful for the support and encouragement we receive from our families.

“Without that support, we would be unable to ensure that Range is the calm, purposeful learning environment that it is. We do so much to ensure that school is the very best place to learn but without the help and support of all of our mums, dads and carers it would be impossible to maintain our continuing journey of improvement.

We would encourage anyone interested in our school to read the full report here.

“We are all very proud of this key moment in the school’s history. We still have much to do as we strive once again to be an ‘outstanding’ school but to achieve this accolade under a new, much more demanding Ofsted framework is a huge success in its own right.