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Remembering the Noah’s Ark at Pleasureland this week, I loved it with the Wibbly Wobbly Way and the air blowing up, can’t find any pictures of inside though. William Horner Strickland of Pennsylvania, USA, was in Southport and Blackpool in 1909 constructing fairground rides. He constructed the Blackpool Noah’s Ark in 1921 and it opened in 1922. He came to Southport in February 1930, to supervise the building of the Noah’s Ark at Pleasureland. Sadly on 14th April, he stumbled and fell off a plank from a short height, but he badly injured both his legs and his ribs. He was taken to Blackpool, and went in a Nursing Home to recover, but unfortunately died on the 9th May 1930, aged 65. The Verdict was Accidental Death, and he was buried at Layton Cemetery, Blackpool, even though his home was America. The Southport Noah’s Ark unfortunately was destroyed by fire in 1977. Enjoy the photos and your memories of it xxx

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