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After seeing a shocking incident posted on social media Friend of Southport got in touch with this shocked Southport resident.

We are absolutely disgusted and shocked at hearing from a Southport lady about a brick being thrown through her car window. The woman lives near Duke Street train track.

Three children with special needs were in the house at the time and were very frightened.

The act of vandalism and terror happened last night when a brick was thrown at the window in the evening (Wed 12th January) Samantha Martinez said:

“Some lovely individual decided to throw a brick at my back window last night!“

Samantha says she now cannot afford to repair the window and will have to go through the rigmorol of claiming on her insurance.

“It frightened my three special needs children who were thinking someone wants to hurt us. “

She added “ probably it was some child or drunken individual but I have cctv and will be checking it.”

The incident has now been reported to the police.

Friends of southport reporter Claire Kelly