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Damien Moore MP for Southport asked to learn more about Southport Piano Academy after hearing about their teaching and charity fund raising efforts.

An opportunity not to be missed and with securing exclusive use of the Piano at Chloes Piano Bar at The Grand today a 30 minute performance was performed by teachers and students of the academy.

Where better to put on a display of talent than The Grand.

Southport Piano & Music Academy owner Claire Kelly organised a superb event today including nine of her teachers and students, including three young students aged just 10, 11, and 13.

The performance included nine segments:

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Moon River - Breakfast at Tiffany's
Jon Taylor & Cassandra Kotchie

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A Million Dreams - The Greatest Showman
Jon Taylor

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Waltz of The Flowers - Classical Solo
Joshua Gadsby age 11

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Talking The Talk! (jazz duet on piano & clarinet)
Joe Bloom & Jasmine Lindsay

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Novelette in E Minor (grade 8, classical solo)
Brooke Shotton

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Scary Stuff! (grade 3, jazz solo)
Samuel Lindsay , age 10

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Igionri (grade 4, Einaudi)
Eden Barbé, age 13

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Your Song - Elton John
Milly Rigby

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Leiberstraum No 3 in A Flat (classical solo)
Joe Bloom

A special credit has to be given to the three young students, aged just 11, 13, 10
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Damien Moore MP gave an appreciative speech at the end recognising the talent that was on display today.
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Overall this was a fabulous event held in a fabulous location. Picture Claire Kelly and Damien Moore MP.
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Southport Piano Academy have raised over £13,000 for charitable causes over the years. Just this year £800 was raised for Make A Change for Botanic gardens with a special concert event.

They have grown the teaching team this year up to 20 teachers and are offering not only piano and keyboard but also singing , ukelele, guitar, bass, cornet, trumpet, violin, beatboxing, saxophone, clarinet, organ and drums, improvisation, composition, music technology and music theory, GCSE music and ABRSM & LCM exams.

Please visit Southport Piano & Music Academy on website and facebook.