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Screams, giggles and laughter...the sounds of Southport's Pleasureland today (Easter Saturday). The sunshine brought the crowds out and they enjoyed every minute in Norman Wallis's fairground.

Crowds stood in awe as they watched riders on 'ULTRA' go through a process once reserved for NASA astronauts!

Then there's the Pirate looks harmless enough...but one child getting off said to its parent "It tickled my tummy". I saw grown adults screaming as the ride swung wildly and just hung in the air for a split second.

Every ride was busy but people got their turns quickly and even though Pleasureland features state-of-the-art rides the old favourites like the dodgems and waltzers still pull the people in!

Pleasureland now features a new section for 2024, Steampunk, which will feature a new roller coaster, The Rocket. A visit to the fairground is part of a traditional treat for Easter

There's a saying 'All the fun of the fair' and I agree...if you want fun this Easter go to Pleasureland

Tony Wynne

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