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Southport Strollers Running Club has celebrated its third birthday!

Members gathered on Tuesday to celebrate the very special occasion, with the club now having grown to more than 100 members since it was founded in 2018.

They are always delighted to welcome more runners to join them.

Lee Bibby is among the club’s committee members.

He said:
“On Tuesday we celebrated our third birthday with over 50 of our members.

“Southport Strollers is such a lovely club that has grown to over 120 members since starting in Dunes car park in Southport three years ago .

“The club began in September 2018 with approximately 20 people coming to a new club for the first time. On Tuesday night the club had its third birthday party which was celebrated by over half of our 125 members!

“Celebrations of cake and alcohol free fizz took place after our regular social Tuesday running session of either 4k (running or run / walk), 5k or 7k group.

“The ethos of our club has always been to celebrate the personal achievements of every running member, whether that be a first time non-stop run or completing an ultra marathon. “Running ability isn’t judged at Southport Strollers, we want everyone to have the opportunity to set personal running goals, achieve their own success, enjoy supporting others and be proud of the community that we’ve all created.

“We have a team of 14 qualified run leaders and a Committee of nine people, all of whom are volunteers who support the growth and success of the club, but most importantly it’s our members who make it such a special club and one we’re all proud to belong to.”
For more details about Southport Strollers please visit them on Facebook here.

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