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A private friends and family event was held in the Atkinson yesterday evening for the unveiling of the Semina Halliwell portrait that will be displayed there until September 10th before moving on to other galleries in the UK.

The evening started with a speech from Damien Moore MP for Southport

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Semina's aunt Clare gave a passionate address to all those present.

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Followed by Semina's mother Rachel

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Rachel then went on read a poignant poem

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The unveiling was performed by Semina's grand parents

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The portrait itself measures 8ft by 4ft

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The portrait was done by Robert Newbiggin, pictures here with Rachel

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Family friend Peter Coyle of the Lotus Eaters sang 'First Picture of You'

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Semina's godmother Louise

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The audience were also entertained with songs before and after the unveiling

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In addition there were other photograps and canvases on display

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You can read more about story of Semina's short life HERE