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The popular Southport Ladies Group, who have a monthly, themed meal, turned Egyptian this month and hired out ‘Ra Bar’ on Lord street for an Egyptian night.

The group had an amazing, 3 course, Egyptian meal, all cooked by Ra Bar’s owner, Fadi.

With tzatziki, hummus, spicy feta cheese, green salad, slow cooked Fatteh beef, mixed vegetable tajin and Egyptian rice pudding, the food was to die for.

The 34 ladies also took part in an Egyptian general knowledge Quiz, a fun ‘mummy wrapping’ game, ‘pin the headdress on the pharaoh’ game, had temporary jagua hand tattoos done courtesy of Zari Jafri on the night, and a raffle, raising £132 for dementia care. The night was rounded off with shots of honey rum and dancing to Egyptian music.

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The bar staff even dressed up as Egyptian characters to get into the spirit of the night.

“These nights just get better and better, I can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve for next month, Claire !“ said one of the lady’s.

“What another fun night! Had a blast and met some lovely ladies and I enjoyed being a mummy!” Said another.

If you would like to join Southport Ladies Group, Please go to their fb page