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Professional loft boarding to high standards in the Northwest

Loft Boarding NW are a genuine professional loft storage company established in 2010.
Setting high standards within the industry, a company who will only use quality materials without compromise to safety or quality or the finished job.
GONE are the days of the cheap and nasty loft boarding jobs, its time to think quality, strength, safety and value for money, a proper job from a proper company. We build the safest strongest energy efficient loft storage solutions in the Northwest.

Our loft storage advisors will not only talk about boarding your loft they will give you FREE advice on your lofts energy efficiency. Bad incorrect loft boarding will decrease your lofts energy efficiency so therefore increasing your energy bills, it can also cause safety issues and weaken your ceilings to the point of permanent damage. Correctly boarding your loft using the techniques unique to us should never decrease your efficiency but will increase it thus saving on your energy bills and will add strength to your ceiling not weaken it.

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