Wednesday 4-30pm 26th April 2017 BBC1 airs the first of two "PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS " antique TV programs from Southport. The second is aired on Thursday at 4-30pm 27th April 2017

BBC 1 "PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS " antique TV show is becoming another hit in a long line of successful antique programs for BBC.
Paul Hayes is an antique dealer from Morecambe who in the two shows teams up with local Southport antique dealer John Nolan, The Antiquesman from Southport.

"PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS " Twice in two days Southport on TV.

Also on Wednesday 9-00 am 26th April the TV cameras also roll in to Southport to make another episode of "ANTIQUE ROAD TRIP" This time Christine Trevanion matches up with John Nolan The Antiquesman from Portland Street Southport

That makes 3 shows in Southport in a week, Great for advertising Southport.

Is Southport becoming the Antique capital of Britain.

Over 20 shows have been done over the last few years, 19 at John Nolan's Antique shop.
Antique Fever is alive in Southport.