How do I stop my tooth from excruciating pain? It used to be a very painful process to extract a tooth or two, and then having to eat raw garlic afterwards. I had to learn how to live with the pain, I guess I had to go through that before I became an adult. But the question still remains, "How do I stop my tooth ache?" Nowadays, most people take pain medication and other things like that, but they never really solve the problem.

The only cure for this is by knowing what's causing the pain, then figuring out a way around it. I know it might sound stupid, but you might have a toothache because of your teeth. This happens a lot, I know, but there is a simple way to figure out if that's the case. Take a piece of cotton with a few drops of vinegar on it, and place it in your mouth for a few minutes.

When you do this, you will notice a change immediately. You won't have the intense pain anymore, and you will definitely not feel the need to chew anymore. Emergency Dentist in Nottingham know that removing the food from your mouth can drastically help with this type of toothache. I have tried this a few times, and I have had great success, but it all depends on what you're trying to solve. If your dentist has prescribed pain killers, you might want to take that as well.