Lancashire County Council's cabinet is set to consider further savings of more than 11m when it meets next week.

The savings have been proposed following a detailed review of service budgets.

If agreed, the total value of savings identified during this financial year is over 81m.

However the council's financial position remains extremely challenging, with a forecasted funding gap of 144.492m in 2021/22. The funding gap for 2018/19 is forecasted as 48.886m.

The Leader of Lancashire County Council, Geoff Driver, CBE, said: "In common with every council in the country we are having to make difficult decisions about how we use our resources while ensuring the books are balanced.

"We are absolutely committed to funding the services that we know people value. We have done that with our programme of reopening libraries, investing in good quality roads, and supporting bus services across the county.

"However the county council's financial situation is very challenging and one of our key priorities is to create a more financially stable council that will enable us to future-proof our improvements to critical services for the most vulnerable in our communities.

"These proposals have identified significant savings all of which will now be carefully considered by cabinet.

"Going forward we will need to make more savings but we are working hard to protect front-line services services especially for safeguarding children and other vulnerable members of society."