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Luminate Southport at Victoria Park is described as a spectacular, illuminated trail, full of wonder and intrigue, to delight and enthral your senses. As darkness descends, join us on our enchanting journey, as we weave a captivating light trail through the beautiful Victoria Park. Immerse yourself in our mesmerising trail, with stunning lighting elements and fabulous light play, all set to ambient music.

People attending a preview last night were certainly impressed by the display but many comments on social media say it is too expensive for a family to attend.

Pricing is split between:

Mon-Weds (up to Wednesday 15th December 2021), Adult (16+): £14.00, Child (3-15): £11.00, Aged 2 and Under: Free, Family (2+2): £48.00, Carers: Free
Thurs-Sun (plus everyday from 15th December 2021) Adult (16+): £16.50, Child (3-15): £13.00, Aged 2 and Under: Free, Family (2+2): £56.00, Carers: Free
Tickets for Luminate be purchased HERE

Blake Maynard of Friends of Southport facebook group opened up the discussion about pricing

A Few of the comments on social media reflect this, Such as Family of Six £100 how can this be justified in such a difficult time, Another this is day daylight robbery, A single parent with 3 kids said I would love my kids to experience this but at this price it's impossible,
Now it's clear this is great for the town and no person is saying it's a bad thing and all seems positive about what Luminate are doing, it seems the only concern is pricing,
There have been over 120 responses in just the last two hours. Some of the replies were:

With bills rising & Christmas not far off sadly so many will miss out on this magical experience
Disabled people should be free Also pention special price and children under 5 and adults cheaper they got a lot more people going I would go but to expensive
I commented as we would love to go, four of our 6 children have sensory processing difficulties and these lights would be perfect for them to enjoy! Even with a carers discount, we couldn’t afford to take our 6
I don’t think it should be free as it isn’t council run. Some real effort has gone in here and this must be recognised. Free is an insult I think but a reduction would mean more could enjoy it, and in turn they would still make money back
We've booked. I was fortunate enough to have a bit of spare money as have been super busy at work... tbh I wouldn't normally spend so much on something like this, but wanted a magical experience.. we all need one at the moment!!
We booked the pantomime instead as felt it was better value for money even though it does look magical !
You can read more or join in the dicussion at Friends of Southport HERE