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Sidney Road lights where proud to update their facebook page with this summary of their lights shows.

What can I say….you did it! Thanks to everyone’s generosity we collected £2060 over Halloween and Christmas lightshows smashing our target for Freshfields Animal Rescue.

Big thanks go to Ed and Len of Southport Funeral Care for kindly sponsoring our Halloween shows and to Fletchers Legal for the Christmas shows. Without the generosity of our sponsors none of this would have been possible.

Making a big contribution too were Southport Costume Crew who performed at both events to the delight of the crowd who were persuaded to join in at our Lighting Up Party.

Sandgrounder Radio made a superb job of hosting our Lighting Up Party on Dec 11th when the lights were turned on by Alex Kenny of Fletchers.

We were delighted to welcome again Starkidz Elftastic Christmas Elves who are so professional and yet naughty at the same time, the party just wouldn’t be the same without the elves, please get them booked if you’re planning a children’s party.

Our friends at Chocolate Whirled did us proud handing out 120 delicious artisan chocolate lollies for you to try not to mention donating a gift voucher for their cafe which was won by Alfie.

Finally a big vote of thanks must go to all our tireless helpers who handed out 400 hot dogs, 400 Santa hats, made up 11kg of galaxy hot chocolate powder into umpteen drinks, not to mention 53 large tubs of Quality Street!

Debs Hughes from Freshfields says ‘I want to say on behalf of Freshfields that we are all incredibly thankful to have friends like Steve, Jan & Tim and how every year you help us to care for hundreds of abused, abandoned and homeless animals by keeping them warm, fed and healthy, until we can find them the loving homes they so deserve’

That’s why we do it.
Thank you